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Al's four touchdown football

Scoring four touchdowns in a single game of high school football is often said to be the highlight of Al Bundy's life, as he had never been able to top this one event.

This came against Andrew Johnson High in the 1966 City Championship game, when Al's team at Polk High had been down by three touchdowns and the coach had made the decision to quit the game. Al refused to allow this, and went on to score four touchdowns, the three to catch up, and the one for victory, winning the game for Polk High. Threats to this legacy are among the few things that really fire Al up.


Based on what has been said in several episodes, the championship game took place in November[1][2]17th[1], 1966[3][4][5] around 4:40pm[1] with winds coming out of the southeast at 12 MPH gusting up to 30 MPH[1]. In "Luck of the Bundys", Al specifically stated that he was already 18 years old on the night that he scored his four touchdowns in the game.

When scoring his forth touchdown Al described it this way:
"My forth touchdown was really my best. I faked out Prologo, went to the right and sprinted 75 yards up the middle of the field and then I scored!".[6]

In "Breaking Up Is Easy to Do (Part 1)", Peggy was surprised that Al could remember the 9th play from this game, which was "42 Blast on 2" almost 30 years later, but not her birthday or eye color.