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Frank is Kelly Bundy's boyfriend in the Season 7 episode, "Movie Show". He is played by David Boreanaz.


Frank is the current boyfriend of Kelly at the beginning of Movie Show. He drives Kelly back home on his motorcycle, but crashes into Marcy D'Arcy at the Bundy's doorway. Jefferson D'Arcy assists Marcy get back up while commenting on how awesome Frank's motorcycle is. After the D'Arcy's leave, Frank asks Kelly how she liked their date (which involved them seeing how sausages are made). Kelly comments that she had a fun time with him. He then states that he wants to take her out tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. The two of them lean in for a kiss, but are interrupted when Al opens the door. As Kelly goes upstairs to change for work, Frank and Al talk among one another. Frank mentions to Al that he wants to take Kelly out tomorrow for her birthday which Al suprised to hear that it's Kelly's birthday. Al tells him to take her somewhere special and reaches into his pocket. Expecting Al to give him money Frank hold outs his hand. Instead, Al blows his nose on a napkin and shakes Frank's hand. Al then proceeds to tell Frank to leave.

Kelly cancels her date with Frank to go to the movies with her family instead. However, at the movie theater Frank is there on a date with another woman. Kelly is irritated throughout the whole movie seeing Frank make out with his date. Al gets lost and goes into the wrong movie theater, but sees hooters. He yells to Peg that he sees hooters and the men expect for Frank walk up and go into the other theater. Not being able to stand it anymore, Kelly confronts Frank telling him that she understands what happened and that she is OK. However, she isn't really OK as she tells Al to beat him up. Al obliges and beats up Frank.



  • This was David Boreanaz's first credited screen role. He went on to star in several television shows playing Angel on "Buffy" (and its spin-off "Angel"), Seeley Booth on "Bones" and Jason Hayes on "SEAL Team".
  • When he first saw Marcy Rhodes he thought she was a man.
  • He doesn't have motorcycle insurance.
  • One of his uncles owns a sausage factory.
  • Frank is the first guy that cheated on Kelly.
  • Kelly mentions that he has an excellent dentist.


Frank meeting the Bundys