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Full Heap is the first episode of the Married... with Children and Top of the Heap spin-off series Vinnie & Bobby. Written by Ellen L. Fogle, the episode was directed by James Widdoes. It first aired on FOX on May 30, 1992.


Dull-witted Vinnie Verducci, no longer living with his father, takes a new job at a construction site and lets Bobby Grazzo, a fellow construction worker and friend stay at his place until he can't afford the rent anymore and asks him to help pay it. Meanwhile, Mona Mullins is still pursuing Vinnie whom she still has a world-sized crush on.

Full episode summary[]

To be added.


Regular Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Carey Eidel as Carey Carricarol
  • Mike Genovese as Jim Wotowski
  • Carol Rosenthal as Carol Carricarol
  • Jeff Hochendoner as Man
  • Anndi McAfee as Sunshine Girl



  • First appearance of Belli, Stanley and Winnie
  • First appearance of the show's theme song and opening credits
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