Gary, a recurring character, is the owner of Gary's Shoes and employer of Al and Griff on Married... with Children. The part of Gary appears in seven episodes by actress Janet Carroll, beginning with the Season 9 episode "Business Still Sucks: Part 2".

Description[edit | edit source]

Gary's first appearance in the series came after Al turned her women's shoe store into a men's shoe store, assuming Gary was male and therefore wouldn't notice. (Al never saw Gary in the first twenty years he worked in the store, leading him once to doubt that Gary really existed. At one point, in the episode "Where's the Boss?" in Season 1, Al hired an divorced male friend of his to play Gary to settle a bet; the friend, played by Geoffrey Scott, only agreeing to do it to help pay off his alimony payments)

Al grovels before his boss, Gary, whom he has just met in person.

Gary is incredibly wealthy (she would have been in the Forbes 400, but only reached #401 because of the shoe store—her sole failing business venture). In the first appearance she said she owns, among other things, men, prompting Al to offer himself; she then points out that she said "men." Over the course of the series she makes several more appearances, always to the chagrin of Al, and in one episode even becomes the Sugar Momma of Bud, much to the chagrin of those who still thought she was a man; however, she became too possessive, leading Bud to break up with her, as he puts his dignity over her money.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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