The Girls Scouts of the United States is a youth organization that teaches girls valuable life skills and is also known for their brand of cookies that their scouts sell.

Al has a longstanding feud with the Girl Scouts.

He at some point sued the Girl Scouts, claiming there was a nail in his Thin Mint. He also states he slams the door in Girl Scouts' faces constantly.

Al similarly brought an action for an alleged bone in a butter cookie, which was referenced in "Sue Casa, His Casa". In that episode, Peggy states that their legal case, "Bundy V. The Girl Scouts of America" is the reason why judges do not take any lawsuits by the Bundys seriously. But Al tells her that he is sure that the judge in that case was bribed, as "[her] breath smelled of free chocolate mints".

In "At the Zoo", Al is offered a box of macaroons by a Girl Scout, only to have them cruelly snatched away because he has no cash, and she won't give the "deadbeat" credit.

In "Un-Alful Entry", as Al's moral character is questioned by the lawyer defending criminal Richard Johnson, she asks him "Mr Bundy, what if a Girl Scout came by selling cookies? Would you have kicked her in the face?". Al proudly tells her "I would..and have!"