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Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner was the season opening episode aired of Season 10 of Married... with Children and the 208th overall series episode. Directed by Gerry Cohen and written by Russell Marcus, the episode originally aired on FOX, premiering on September 17, 1995.


Mama Wanker moves in with the Bundys after fighting with her husband Ephraim, as Al then goes to Wanker County to try to talk Epphraim to reconcile with her, in his attempt to get the two back together.


Al is excited when Bud decides to move out after he gets embarrassed by his parents while he is with a girl. He is a bit disappointed when Bud moves back in to the basement, and horrified when Peg's mother comes to live with them after splitting up with Peg's father.

Recurring cast/character regulars[]

  • Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy 
  • Katey Sagal as Peggy Bundy 
  • Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy 
  • David Faustino as Bud Bundy 
  • Amanda Bearse as Marcy D'Arcy 
  • Ted McGinley as Jefferson D'Arcy 
  • Buck as Buck Bundy 


Guest starring[]



  • The title is a reference to the 1967 comedy-drama film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.


  • Starting with this episode, Christina Applegate wears a long blond wig for most of the 10th Season. She had actually cut her hair short and dyed it red for her role in the film Nowhere which was filmed during the summer between the 9th and 10th Seasons.
  • Gunther Jenson, who plays Clyde, the mover that asks Al where he wants Bud's belongings moved to, previously appeared on MWC in the season 1 episode "Married... without Children" as Kelly's friend, Dweep.
  • Marcy reveals that her apartment roommate in college was her mother and she stole and slept with all of Marcy's boyfriends at the time.
  • Jefferson mentions that he still has a bachelor's apartment.

Cultural References[]

  • In Bud's sob story to Jaime, he tells her that Al cried while watching "Desert Storm" on CNN.
    • "Operation Desert Storm" was the name of the airland combat phase of the Gulf War that took place between January and late February of 1991 in Kuwait.
  • Bud tells Peggy "No, no, dad's right! He deserves to be 'Menendez-ed', but he's right!".
    • The term "Menendez-ed" is in reference to Lyle and Erik Menendez, a pair of brothers who brutally murdered their mother and father in 1989, eventually being convicted in 1996 and are serving life sentences without possibility of parole.
  • After Kelly suggest that Bud move downstairs to the basement, she mentions "Uncle Fester, Cousin It, that silly guy with the butterflies from 'Silence of the Lambs'."
  • Al tells Jefferson "Don't you know that all horrible things happen in 3s: Celebrity deaths, Pauly Shore movies and Wilson-Philips"
    • Pauly Shore is an actor and comedian, who at this time, starred in several films that were panned by audiences. He previously guest starred on MWC in the season 3 episode, "A Three Job, No Income Family" as the Captain from Burger Trek.
    • Wilson Phillips is a pop trio who members are the daughters of members from The Beach Boys and The Mamas and Papas. The were best known for their 1990 single, "Hold On" before breaking up in 1992. The trio reunited in 2004 and are still together as of 2010.
  • The vibration of the teacup that indicated the approach of Peggy's mother is take from the 1993 film, Jurassic Park.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Bud's Bedroom
  • Bundy Basement
  • Wanker Residence


  • After Al finds Bud's rubber woman, he throws it on top of Jaime's leg and she immediately kicks it away from her, with its head off the bed and laying at the foot of the bed. Then, when Al screams "Oh! Chain gang!" and leaves, the doll is in a different position with its head still on the bed, but pointing to the corner by the door and its legs close to Jaime's foot.
  • After Al leaves, Bud quickly takes his doll and throws it onto the floor behind. But after Jaime says that she's buttoning up her shorts and hopes that Bud finds his own place, the doll is somehow propped up on the chair by his desk. After giving his sob story about Al and Desert Storm, the doll back on the floor by the door
  • The female cousin at the "Deevorce sale" starts towards the door before Ephraim finishes his comment about picking off cousins.
  • At the beginning of the episode, when Al is searching under Bud's bed and says "I can't find my Big 'Uns!", the shadow of a crew member can be seen moving over Al.
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