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He Thought He Could is the first episode and season premiere of Season 3 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 36th overall episode in the series. Written by Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye, the episode was directed by Gerry Cohen and premiered on FOX on November 8, 1988.


Al discovers a library book that was due in 1957. He must return it to the library and face up to his worst childhood fear: the librarian.


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  • The title of this episode is a play on the line "I think I can" of the children's book "The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper, which appears in the episode.


  • This is the first episode to show footage of the actors when their name is shown in the opening, instead of a black background that was used during the first two seasons. The footage includes:
    • Ed O'Neil - A still frame of Al sitting on the couch with his hand down his pants and a remote control in the other
    • Katey Sagal - Tossing a salad in the kitchen while smoking
    • David Garrison - Standing at the Bundys' front door holding an ice pack over his head before bringing up a baseball.
    • Amanda Bearse - Eating a salad at the Bundy residence and laughing before finding Peggy's cigarette at the end of her fork.
    • Christina Applegate - Sneaking in through the front door at night. She then notices the camera and smiles
    • David Faustino - Sitting at the staircase with headphones on, looking at a magazine called Boudoir and then becomes excited when he sees the centerfold.
    • The couch gag was also revised, with the Bundys wearing new clothing and a slightly older Bud and Kelly.
  • Edan Gross, the actor who plays young Al Bundy in this episode, previously appeared on MWC as neighborhood kid Carl in the season 2 episode "You Better Watch Out".

Cultural References[]

  • Ms. Degroot calls Al the Freddy Kruger of the library system. Freddy Kruger is the famous killer in The Nightmare on Elm Street movies played by Robert Englund, who would later appear as Lucifer in the season 11 episode "Damn Bundys".
  • Peggy asks Al if they will appear on America's Most Wanted a reality crime show that ran on FOX from 1988 until 2011. It typically featured profiles of wanted criminals and reenactments of their crimes.
  • Peg mentions Al being profiled by Paul Harvey on his show after being caught on camera at the library. Al also mentions being a fan of his show.
  • Ms. Degroot compares working all those years at the library just to see Al's failure as an adult to Sheriff Pat Garrett killing the outlaw Billy the Kid.



  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen
  • Oakwood Library Entrance/ Bookcase / Mrs. DeGroot's desk


  • When Peg is making popcorn on the stove, it's making a sizzling sound like she's really popping it but the burner isn't on.
  • When young Al reaches forward with his left arm to take the book that Miss DeGroot wants to give to him, she quickly pulls back but young Al still has his arm raised. In the next shot, his hand his down by his side.
  • When Al and the family are watching the news and the security camera footage of Al putting the book back is shown, his shirt and pants are not the same as the ones he actually went in with. It's obvious this was filmed at the end of the episode because the final time he goes back to the library he is wearing the same clothes as shown in the footage.

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