Not to be confused with Heidi (in Season 9).

Heidi was a beautiful, buxom, but dim-witted and ditzy girl who was applying for a job opening at Gary's Shoes & Accessories for Today's Woman. Al Bundy was responsible for interviewing her in the Married with Children episode titled "Scared Single" in season 8. The part of Heidi was played by actress/model/artist Melissa Behr.

About HeidiEdit

Al is told that his store is expanding with another job posting, and it will be incumbent upon him to interview all applicants and recommend who ought to be hired. At home, Al remarks to his family that he is somewhat glad with this responsibility, and as the quarterback of this play he must make a good decision, and "not hire the first boob who walks in the door". At work the following day, Al is staring at an applicant with an ample bosom and immediately remarks "You are hired!"

Heidi's Clevage

After taking a look at Heidi's ample cleavage, he is set to hire her on the spot!

When Heidi responds "Shouldn't I fill out an application first?", he then says "Oh, good idea...Right over here." When the pulchritudinously sexy-looking Heidi, who's somewhat ditzy, asks "Where it says "name," do you want mine?", he replies, "No...Just a simple naked photo will do!"

Marcy threatens to have her women's group F.A.N.G. come down all over Al. She is angry at Al for engaging in employment discrimination, passing over qualified applicants so he can hire "some salute to silicone" (in Marcy's words). Marcy, however, is also biased, trying to get Al to hire Jefferson, as she is demanding he start pulling his own weight financially. However, when it is discovered Jefferson would be too good a salesman, as he charms a female customer, Marcy forgets forcing Jefferson to work, and thus abandons her plans to agitate Al.

Much to the chagrin of the witless Heidi, Al winds up filling the job vacancy to Aaron Mitchell, who, like Al, is an alumnus of Polk High School. Besides the "old boy network", Al was probably starting to behave like a businessman, ultimately considering Aaron a more capable potential employee than Heidi, and who certainly demonstrated more brainpower.

Surprisingly, Heidi does not depart the store, simply obeying Al's instructions to keep writing down her sexual escapades. This continues until the next morning, when Al finds Heidi still writing!

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