Hondo was the title of a classic Western film starring John Wayne, and was considered his greatest movie of all time by Al Bundy, and is notable for airing once every seventeen years.

In May of 1988, Al has a three-day weekend and plans to spend it watching Hondo, but the plans are ultimately ruined because Peggy's family from Wanker County came to visit, and Al's taping of Hondo is taped over by Irwin and Otto. This, however, turns out to be just a daydream by Al, so we don't know if he got to watch Hondo or not. (MWC: "All in the Family")

In May of 1994, Al found himself coerced into fixing the basement steps of the Bundy Residence, despite attempts to escape the chore. This lead to Al being trapped inside a store due to computer failure when he attempted to exchange the batteries Peggy Bundy had brought for his flashlight. As a result, Al told a story about Bundo and destroyed a computer by tossing it at a window, which bounced off to his head, knocking him out until Hondo had ended. Al turned on the TV to the Brute Channel just in time to hear the announcement the film had ended, and would not air again until February 18, 2011. (MWC: "Assault and Batteries")