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Ike is a recurring character who appears in a total of 16 episodes of Married... with Children in Seasons 9-11. The part of Ike is played by actor Tom McCleister.


Ike, who believes that Elvis Presley is still alive[4], is a friend of Al and Jefferson. He is also a charter member of NO MA'AM, acting as the organization's Sergeant at Arms. His job in the group is to escort members and non-members in and out of the meeting area and use physical force when necessary. Like most other members of NO MA'AM, Ike loves to frequent the guys' favorite hangout spot, The Jiggly Room, loves to swill cases of beer while watching football, basketball or baseball on TV. 

He is married to a woman named Frannie that he prefers not to have sex with, and does what he can to avoid it! In "Reverend Al", Ike stated that he was trying to divorce her, as he believed their marriage was not valid. Unfortunately, the divorce lawyer declared their marriage was in fact legal, despite their wedding taking place in a hot tub and was conducted by a nudist named "Reverend Flashback". Despite being married, he has his preferences in women. In a drunken fight with Bob Rooney, he mentioned that he preferred Pamela Anderson over Claudia Schiffer.[5] While acting as the clapper loader for Al's film A Day in the Life of a Shoe salesman, he leans in and kisses one of the sexy ladies on the cheek before clapping the filmsticks shut.[6].

He also appears to be somewhat of a sexual deviant in some episodes, causing Al and the others to look at him in disdain. In the episode Live Nude Peg, he actually gets aroused by a geriatric stripper (Chesty LaRue) who dances in amateur night! When Al drilled a hole into Gary's Aerobics studio, only to find fat women working out, he and the other NO MA'AM members turned away in disgust. Ike was the only one who kept looking and became turned on, screaming out "Oh yeah! Shake it big mama! Babies got backs!" before Al tells him to move back.[7] When the members of NO MA'AM discuss how to not get turned on while seeing the nude dancers at The Jiggly Room when their wives accompany them, Al jokes that they just need to visual Marcy and then Jefferson on stage dancing. After Ike asks what if neither one of those works, (hinting that he might be bisexual) Al tells him "Then you're out of the club!". [8] He also told the group that he masturbated on an airplane in his seat instead of the bathroom [9]. After Bob Rooney mentions that he plans to buy car seats covers that match his leopard underwear, Ike tells him that he might not get any covers then, implying that he doesn't wear underwear at all. Bob Rooney becomes creeped out and slides several seats away from him. [10]

Ike mentions that he is a fan of musician Yanni. [4]

It was mentioned by Al and Bob Rooney that Ike had stuck an Atomic Fireball (a round cinnamon flavored hard candy) up his nose multiple times as well as a corn dog. [5]


  • The character Ike was named after producer Kim Weiskopf's best friend's son.