Ike is a recurring character who appears in a total of 16 episodes of Married... with Children in Seasons 9-11. The part of Ike is played by actor Tom McCleister.


Ike, who believes that Elvis is still alive, is a friend of Al and Jefferson, and also a charter member of NO MA'AM, and acts as the organization's Sergeant at Arms. Like most other members of NO MA'AM, Ike loves to frequent the guys' favorite hangout spot, The Jiggly Room, loves to swill cases of beer while watching football, basketball or baseball on TV, and is married to a woman he prefers not to have sex with, and does what he can to avoid it! Strangely enough though, in the episode "Live Nude Peg", he actually gets aroused by a geriatric stripper (Chesty LaRue) who dances in amateur night!


  • The character Ike was named after producer Kim Weiskopf's best friend's son.

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