Iqbal Theba (pronounced IK-bal TAY-ba; born December 20, 1963) is a Pakistani-American actor who appears as the (somewhat stereotypical) India-born owner of The Jiggly Room sports/nudie bar, who, ironically, is also named Iqbal in four episodes of Married with Children. Theba currently has a recurring role as Principal Figgins in the FOX TV series Glee.

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Iqbal became a familiar face in the 1990s when he appeared in various TV shows and commercials in the United States.

Theba's big break was a role on the NBC pilot Death and Taxes. The pilot was not picked up, but it led to a recurring role for Theba on The George Carlin Show. Aside from his role on Married with Children, Iqbal also had a brief recurring role on NBC-TV's ER series. His other credits include appearances on such series as FOX's Nip/Tuck, ABC's Alias, CBS-TV's Two and a Half Men, Roseanne, FOX's Kitchen Confidential, Chuck, CBS's JAG, FOX's Arrested Development, and NBC-TV's The West Wing. Theba also appeared alongside Glee co-star Mike O'Malley in an episode of the sitcom Yes, Dear.

Theba guest starred on the NBC series Community. In 2012, he also appeared on the first and ninth episodes of the second season of The Glee Project.[1]


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