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It's in the Bag was the second episode of the Married... with Children and Top of the Heap spin-off series Vinnie & Bobby. Written by Marjorie Gross and Ron Zimmerman, the episode was directed by James Widdoes. It first aired on FOX on June 6, 1992.


Bobby starts dating Vinnie's night school teacher to get him better grades.

Full episode summary[]

To be added.


Regular Cast[]

Guest Stars[]

  • Mike Genovese as Jim Wotowski
  • Barbara Alyn Woods as Miss O'Seasons
  • Colleen Morris as Casey



  • Bobby reads the same newspaper Peggy is reading in the MWC episode "Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me" with the headline "Smoking Can Be Good for You".
  • Bobby thinks the emergency phone number is 411, just like Kelly does in the MWC episode "Scared Single".
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