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It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This is the 14th episode of Season 7 of Married... with Children, also the 145th overall episode of the series. Directed by Sam W. Orender and written by Michael G. Moye, the episode originally on FOX, premiering on January 24, 1993.


Peggy and Marcy ruin Al's fishing trip by insisting on joining him, and then constantly fighting with each other. Meanwhile, back home, Jefferson and the kids spend Marcy's money on food, massage and women.


It's no vacation at all for Al when Peggy and Marcy decide to join him on his winter fishing trip and make him referee to their constant bickering. Meanwhile, Kelly, Bud and Seven, left behind with no food or money, help Jefferson spend all of Marcy's money when he maxes out all of her credit cards.

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  • The title is likely a reference to the slogan used by Old Milwaukee beer, which, in the early 1990s, featured the Swedish Bikini Team in a set of commercials where they make things better for a group of beer drinking friends out in nature who thought it didn't get any better than that.
    • It may also be a reference to the actual idiom, meaning that something is at its peak of enjoyment.


  • Al mention that the cabin he is going to belongs to his boss.
  • Al wears a shirt that says "I THINK, (image of a fish) THEREFORE I FISH". This is a spoof on Rene Descartes' famous declaration "I Think, Therefore I Am."
  • When Al finally has the room to himself, he cries and says "Look dad! Its all mine!". Al previously cried and asked his dad to look down at his own room previously in If Al Had a Hammer.
  • At one point, Al puts a noose around his neck and tries to kill himself, but fails. Al did a similar thing in "The Egg and I" when he put a noose on his neck while looking at the bills and then tries to hang himself after screaming "I don't want to be on ABC!"

Cultural References[]

  • During Marcy's rant about if men were all dead, she mentions that there would be "No Howie Mandel", a Canadian actor and comedian who at the time this episode originally aired, was known for his stand up comedy as well as his FOX animated series, Bobby's World.
  • After Al gets his own room, he begins to ponder about why he never had his own room, saying "Ozzie had his own bed, Father from "Father Knows Best" had his own bed, Mr. Donna Reed had his own bed! Well Mr. Peggy Bundy's gonna have his own bed!" This is in reference to:
  • From Day two onward, the cabin scenes featuring sped up footage of Marcy and Peggy chasing Al around the cabin as they argue while instrumental music plays. This is a reference to the closing scene from the British television comedy show, The Benny Hill Show, which typically featured sped up footage of a chase involving scantily clad women with the instrumental song, "Yakety Sax" (sometimes referred to as "The Benny Hill Theme") playing in the background.
  • While Bud admires Mindy the model in her lingerie, she mentions that department stores usually have lingerie shows instead of sending models to a person's living room, before telling him, "But then you Kenndys go your own way". He then tells her that she can call him "Bud-Bud".
    • This is in reference to the wealthy and politically connected Kennedy family while "Bud-Bud" is a reference to John F. Kennedy Jr. who was sometimes called "John-John".


  • The instrumental song that plays from day 2 on as Peggy and Marcy chase Al around the cabin is "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • Mountain Cabin Living Room / Al's Bedroom


  • Al mentions that the cabin belongs to his boss, but doesn't mention Gary by name. Though Gary is the owner of Gary's Shoes and implied to be Al's boss (as there doesn't appear to be anyone above Al's position working at the store), he doesn't formally meet her until season 9. So it would be rather strange to let a shoe store employee who works for less than minimum wage have access to a private mountain cabin when they didn't even know each other at this point.
  • Al mentions that he is going to a mountain cabin. The state of Illinois, where Chicago is located, is a prairie and would not have any mountains.
  • During day 3, when Peggy and Marcy join Al on the bed, Katey Sagal appears to be laughing even though it supposed to be an intense argument between the two ladies and can still be seen laughing as she and Marcy get up and follow Al into the bathroom.
  • After Marcy arrives back at the Bundys and goes after Jefferson for buying expensive things for, Mindy the lingerie model can be seen still posing for Bud. But after Marcy gives him a "Melvin" and escorts him out, Mindy has disappeared altogether, while Johnny the massage therapist is still there.
  • After Bud puts the blanket over Seven, he says "Well, its going to be a week.", noting that they will unsupervised for a week. But he didn't even know that his parents and Marcy were leaving until they ran out the door, so how would he have known how long they were actually going to be away for?
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