Private Eye Jack Dallas (played by series co-creator and writer Ron Leavitt), was a detective Al was hired by to clean up his office as a janitor. While Jack was out Al was mistaken for a Private Eye, and paid for sleuthing services by a mysterious woman, a lovely blonde, leggy femme fatale-type named Vanessa Van Pelt (Traci Lords). Al went with her to a family meeting, where her Uncle, Colonel Van Pelt, a wealthy eccentric, was to give away a valuable gem, "The Pharaoh's Eye", which was a priceless family heirloom.

After the lights go mysteriously out moments before the Colonel was to read which family member was awarded ownership of the piece, Al was accused of the murder and then went into hiding. He gathered up the entire family, and, after several wrong guesses, found the real killer, which turned out to be Vanessa! Al got a 50,000 dollar check, but, as with all Bundy good fortune -- it turned out to be not just a "pipe dream" -- it turned out literally to be one of Al's dreams. In a twist akin to the "Dallas shower scene", Al awakens to realize his nightmare of a pregnant Peg and Marcy were also only figments of his imagination, to his relief. However, Al is praised by Peg when he tells her of the dream, saying that if he subconsciously thought of getting $50,000 then his next action was using it to improve the life of his family, that he is an honorable man, thus Al did have a rare "good ending".

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