Jack Franklin is a character who appears in the Season 9 MWC episode titled "Dud Bowl". The part of Jack is played in the episode by Stan Ivar.


After the funeral of a "Skippy", a former football teammate of Al and his buddies who were on the team with him at Polk High at the Bullpen Sports Bar, Jack, who was a halfback for George S. Patton High, Polk High's biggest rival team, which, like Polk High, had been undefeated until they met in the city championship one year, challenges Al and his former team from Polk High into a grudge football match between them, a la the "Dud Bowl". But Al ends up being turned into a tackling dummy by ringers, former pro-football stars Bubba Smith, Lawrence Taylor, Ken Stabler, Rod Martin and John S. Reynolds on the opposing team.

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Jack Franklin taunts Al at grudge game

Jack and Al continue to taunt each other with "words of encouragement" before kickoff of the Polk High vs. Patton High reunion/grudge game.

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