James Brown (born February 25, 1951), commonly called "J.B.", is an American sportscaster known for being the host of The NFL Today on CBS Sports and Thursday Night Football on CBS Sports and the NFL Network. He is also the Special Correspondent for CBS' news division. He was also the former host of the FOX network's NFL pregame show, Fox NFL Sunday.

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James, along with his then former Fox NFL Sunday co-hosts, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, and Ronnie Lott, made a guest appearance on Married... with Children, all as themselves, in the Thanksgiving holiday themed episode titled "A Bundy Thanksgiving". He also makes a guest appearance as himself in the Season 11 episode "Damn Bundys" with Nightmare on Elm Street horror film series star Robert Englund.

James Brown at Aunt Maddie's wake

James at the wake his "Aunt Maddie" in "A Bundy Thanksgiving" in Sasson 11 of MWC.

In the episode "A Bundy Thanksgiving", James, who was mourning the passing of his Aunt Maddie, whom Al remembered and made the best Pumpkin Pies in Chicago, attended her wake, as Al, in trying to buy a pumpkin pie from her store, wound up appearing with Griff at her wake, in trying to retrieve the final pumpkin pie she baked for Thanksgiving.

In meeting Al for the first time, he says to him, "Wait a minute. Don't tell me you're Al Bundy?" as Al responds, "Yeah, did she talk about me?" as he then responds "Oh, my goodness! All the time. As a matter of fact, l'm where l am today because of you." as Al replies, "Really?", as James then says "Yeah. l can hear her now. She used to always say: "James, do your homework or you'll wind up like Al Bundy!"

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