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Jeff Littlehead is a character who appears in the Season 6 episode of Married... with Children titled "Kelly Does Hollywood, Part II". The part of Jeff is played by comedian/actor and Saturday Night Live series alumnus Jon Lovitz.

About Jeff[]

When Kelly on the local public-access channel, the program titled "Vital Social Issues N' Stuff With Kelly", which features an all girl band and some of her girlfriends discussing such interesting subjects such as "Men's Butts" and "The Slut of The Week"! gets picked up by a major Hollywood network. Kelly then meets Jeff, the executive producer who's interested in her show. The network's executives end up changing it drastically and it gets canceled.

Jeff endures Al's bad ideas for new TV shows in "Kelly Does Hollywood, Part II".

In the interim, Al tries hard to suck up to Jeff, trying to pitch such ideas to him such as "Kung Shoe", about a mystic in the old west searching for his long lost brother who, instead of carrying guns, he's armed with an assortment of fighting footwear, and "Shoe Trek" about a shoesaleman in the 23rd century, and what Al called a "hot idea", called simply, "Breasts"!

Needless, to say, the ideas don't bite, as they seemingly fail to impress Jeff! But -- after Kelly's show got cancelled, Al and Kelly. now back home in Chicago, are both watching the final episode of her show, (which the network made into a stuffy, appealing to parents program) the two are able to see that Jeff winded up using one of the ideas, "Shoe Trek", with Joe Piscopo as the Captain!