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Jim's Bowl-A-Rama is a local bowling alley located in Chicago. It is a regular hang-out for Al Bundy and his NO MA'AM brothers, presumably when the nudie bar is unavailable. It is also the place where Gary's Angels, the bowling team which Al and his buddies are a part of, competes.

It is featured in several episodes between Season 4 and Season 10.


Prior to Jim's Bowl-A-Rama being introduced in Season 4's "Peggy Turns 300", the Bundy family bowled at the Spare Time Lounge as seen in the season 2 episode "Alley of the Dolls".

In "Peggy Turns 300", Al chooses to go there to beat the record of his friend and bowling rival Puggy Weaver, as he was moving out of the neighborhood. Unaware that the night he was set to break the break the record was also Peggy Bundy's birthday, Al drags her and the kids along to record his record breaking moment. While Al is successful, his moment is short lived as Peggy quickly takes up the sport and bowls a perfect game, causing Al to have a nervous breakdown.

In "NO MA'AM", while visiting the bowling alley, Al and his friends find out that Thurdays, which were normally reserved for his league, was now "Women's Bowling Night" due to influence of Marcy and Jerry Springer, from the talk show, The Masculine Feminist. Losing their bowling night as well as their favorite nudie bar forces Al and his NO MA'AM brothers to take Jerry hostage and make Five Demands.

In "The Naked and the Dead, but Mostly the Naked", Al and his friends try to figure out a way to get their wives to stop harrassing them for going to the Jiggly Room. They eventually decide to give up one of their regular Thursday night game at Jim's and instead take their wives to the Jiggly Room. They then reveal that the reason that they always bowl on Thursday is that Thursday is "A-Cup Night", when smaller-busted feature-dancers appear

The alley is featured once more in "Shoeless Al" when Al and his teammates in "Gary's Angels" have to compete for the "Puggy Weaver Memorial Cup".