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Kelly Breaks Out was the 186th overall series episode of Married... with Children also the 3rd episode of Season 9 of the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen and written by Larry Jacobson, the episode originally aired on FON-TV on September 18, 1994.


Kelly gets the part as a sexy spokeswoman for a beer commercial, but freaks out when she gets a pimple and a home-made pimple cream from Wanker makes her bald and gives her a beard. Meanwhile, Marcy protests the crew making the beer commercial for being sexist. Al and Jefferson order tapes of Avengers with Emma Peel from Home Shopping Network.

The thrill of being in a beer commercial quicky sours when she loses her hair and sprouts a beard when she takes some of Uncle Sticky's homeade zit cream!


Kelly has a big zit on the day of her commercial, Ice Hole Beer, and Peg offers her a solution. Her Uncle Sticky's magic zit removing potion will cure it! Al is ecstatic of her being in the commercial, despite his upset over not having tapes of Emma Peel. The Home Shopping Network offered him a compromise, endless first edition volumes of The Three Stooges, which he also loves. His real problem is with Marcy and her feminist group, FANG. They recently filed a lawsuit against Ice Beer for not hiring average looking, unattractive women. The lawsuit goes nowhere as the jury ruled with the company as FANG is then forced to protest against the commercial.


Guest starring[]

  • Michael Francis Clarke as Stage Manager
  • Cleto Augusto as Director
  • Dennis Phun as Chinese Actor
  • Don Brunner as Camerman #1
  • Dot-Marie Jones as Lola (as Dot Jones)



  • The title of this episode is a play on the idiom "To Break Out" referring to both Kelly's skin breaking out with acne and Kelly's attempt to "break out" from the crowd and become famous.


  • Michael Francis Clarke, who plays the stage manager in this episode, was previously on MWC as the bartender in the season 4 episode, "At the Zoo".
  • Kelly reveals that this is the very first time that she has gotten acne.

Cultural References[]

  • Al mentions several side characters from television series of the 1960s and 1970s:
  • Al mistakes a new music video by The Rolling Stones for a Barnaby Jones Reunion, with Bud pointing out that Al is looking at Keith Richards and not Buddy Ebsen.
  • While watching the Home Shopping Network, Peggy calls in to order from the "White Trash Collector Plates" and is heard ordering the "Roger Clinton Service for 8".
    • Roger Clinton Jr. is an actor and musician. He is the half brother of then-U.S. President Bill Clinton. During his brother's presidential campaign and subsequent administration, Clinton was given the codename "Headache" by the Secret Service due to his controversial behavior.
  • Al and Jefferson are excited over getting a copy of the 1960s British spy series The Avengers and wanting to see Emma Peel "kick really high".
    • After receiving the video, they find out that the actual video they got is a "Linda-we-couldn't-get-anybody-else-to-do-the-show-Thorson-'Avengers'".
      • Linda Thorson is a Canadian born actress who played John Steed's last female partner, Tara King during its final season.
  • Kelly mentions that if she gets her big break that she'll "be living it up in Hollywood, getting in slap fights with Shannon Daughty and having my ass grabed by Bob Barker!".
  • After seeing Kelly's pimple, Bud suggests that she draw a face on her pimple and go on Montel as Siamese twins.
  • After being unable to get the Emma Peel version of The Avengers, Al and Jefferson are shown imitating skits from The Three Stooges.
    • After Marcy comes in and tells Al about her group's plan to protest, he asks her why does she keep cutting her hair like Moe Howard, the leader of the stooges.
  • Al mentions that he, Jefferson and Lisa Marie Presley would not have been married if it wasn't for consuming beer in the first place.
    • Lisa Marie Presley is a singer and daughter of famed musician and actor Elvis Presley. At time this episode first aired, she had divorced her first husband in early May 1994 and after 20 days, married musician Michael Jackson. The tabloid media speculated that their wedding was a publicity stunt to deflect Jackson's sexual abuse allegations and jump-start Presley's career as a singer. The couple later divorced in 1996.
  • After the director sees Kelly's new look, he tells Al "This is our spokesmodel?! This?! We're selling beer here, fella, not Lucky Charms!", in reference to the breakfast cereal and its leprechaun mascot.
  • When the director asks if Marcy's group can actually sue them on behalf of the ugly, Al tells him "Four words: Attorney. General. Janet. Reno".
    • Janet Reno was the U.S. Attorney General who served under the Clinton administration from 1993 until 2001. She was often mocked in the media for her height and perceived lack of traditional femininity.



  • Bundy Living Room / Kitchen
  • DVS Field Office
  • Wanker County Phone
  • Ice Hole Beer Commercial Set


  • When Kelly is shown with her bald head and goatee, the skin cap used to hide her hair is clearly visible especially near her eyebrows.
  • Kelly has lost her beer commercial job and Al asks who her replacement is. Kelly says "See for yourself, here's the commercial". However, she says this just before she turns the TV on. There would have been no way of knowing that the commercial was playing at that exact time she turned on the television.
  • When Al sees Kelly's replacement, it is Emma Peel as he points out and reels back in horror after she asks the viewers if they still remember her and then seeing her still kick really high. But Diana Rigg, the actress who played Emma Peel on the show was English, yet the voice in the commercial clearly has an American accent. Also, he claims that she is 100 years old, though in real life, she would have been around 56 years old when this episode premiered.
  • Al slams the phone down to hang up after complaining to the customer service rep about not getting the Emma Peel Avengers tapes. Immediately, Kelly is shown running down the stairs to Al and when she arrives, the phone is facing a different direction and is already back in use (by Jefferson who is off screen), in less than five seconds.
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