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Kelly Does Hollywood (Part 2) is the 10th episode of season 6 of Married... with Children, also the 115th overall episode in the series. Directed by Gerry Cohen, and written by Larry Jacobson, the episode premiered on the FOX network, airing on November 17, 1991.


Part two of two-part story. The Conclusion. Al, Kelly and Bud travel to Hollywood, where Kelly meets the executive producer (played by former SNL cast member Jon Lovitz) who's interested in her show. The network's executives end up changing it drastically and it gets canceled.

Recurring cast/Guest stars[]

Regular cast

Guest starring[]

  • Jon Lovitz as Jeff Littlehead
  • Peter Steinfeld as Rock Turboman (as Pete Steinfeld)
  • Heather Grimes as Roberta
  • Donna Eskra as Cyndy
  • Georgi Irene as Samantha
  • Lisa Fuhrman as Jeannie
  • Kari Wuhrer as Joanie
  • Megan O'Hara as Girl #1
  • Denise Richards as Girl #2 (as Denise Lee Richards)
  • Victor Hugo Basso as Hair dresser
  • Edd Hall as TV Announcer (voice only)
  • Garth Ancier as Gig Fontaine
  • Cleveland O'Neal III as Stage Manager (as Cleveland O'Neal)


Marcy: Oh, please, take me with you. I'm a pregnant banker jet-skiing towards 40, for God's sake. Now, I was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school, and I have a reunion coming out. At least let me be able to say that I slept with Chuck Woolery.

Al: Ease by her carefully, kids. They say the mad have strength.

Marcy: Hey, hey, at least let me be Slut of the Week. I'm already pregnant!




  • Neither Jefferson nor Peggy appear in this episode.
  • When Al, Kelly and Bud arrive at "NBS Studios" in Hollywood, there are a number of posters hanging on the lobby wall showing NBS's series line up. The posters feature several MWCstaff members along with the shows co-creators:
  • Garth Ancier, who plays "Gig Fontaine", the leather-jacket-clad star of a series at NBS--the network that is to produce Kelly's show--was actually not an actor; he was the Head of Programming at Fox Television, the network on which "Married With Children" was running.
  • Marcy mentions that she was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school.
  • Marcy says that she is "jet skiing towards 40" and that she has a high school reunion coming up soon, so it can be assumed that Marcy is around 38-39 years old in this episode.
  • Peter Steinfeld, who plays Rock Turboman in this episode, previously appeared on MWC as the lifeguard who gave Steve and Marcy their steering wheel back in season 3's "Life's a Beach".

Cultural References[]

  • Marcy pleads with Al, Bud and Kelly to let her go with them to Hollywood so she can claim to have slept with Chuck Woolery, a game show host, who at the time, was known for being the host of Love Connection.
  • While footage of Hollywood is shown, in front of the Mann's Chinese Theater is a poster for the 1990 psychological horror film, Misery, which was produced by Columbia Pictures, who also produced MWC through its television division.
  • The initials of the NBS Network are likely a reference to the major television networks NBC, CBS, and ABC.
  • Jeff Littlehead makes a joke about not being "late to a Dick Chamberlain miniseries", in reference to actor Richard Chamberlain, an actor who was best known for appearing in several miniseries during the 1980s, such as Shōgun and The Thorn Birds.
  • The two sexy ladies standing next to Bud ask him if he really is "the guy in Home Alone", refereing to child actor, Macaulay Culkin who played the lead character, Kevin McCallister, in the film and its sequel.
    • Bud also does Kevin McCallister's "Yes" gesture and then his screaming gesture twice in the episode.
  • Al's pitches to Jeff Kung Shoe and Shoe Trek, both of which are references classic televisions shows, Kung Fu and Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • While pitching his ideas, he says "Let's toss this in the bed with Madonna and sees if she sleeps with it", referring to the pop star and her promiscuity.
  • During the rehearsal, the girls nominate actor Jason Priestley as "Butt of the Year" and start screaming Beverly Hills, 90210. The actor was best known for his role on the FOX primetime drama as Brandon Walsh.
    • Several Beverly Hills 90210 stars appeared on MWC beforehand, as both shows were on FOX.
  • Some of the posters seen on the set of Kelly show's include band posters for The Cult, Prince and The New Power Generation and Van Halen.
  • Actor Joe Piscopo is mentioned as starring in Shoe Trek revealing that Al's idea was stolen by Jeff.
  • Actress Sally Struthers is mocked again after Al changes the channel and her whinny voice is heard begging for more money for the children.
  • Actor Ernest Borgnine is mentioned by name in a commercial as Al changes channels.


  • During the montage of Hollywood, an instrumental version of "Horray for Hollywood" is heard.
  • The theme song for the 1980s sitcom The Facts of Life is heard at the end , as Al finally gives up and shoots himself in the head with the television remote.




  • While there are cameras everywhere on Kelly's set, the camera that is doing the real recording of the actors can be seen in the mirror behind Kelly when she is getting her hair done. Watch the mirror; Somebody holds up a white card to signal Christina to go over to Al & Jeff, and the camera in the reflection follows her.
  • After Kelly asks Al to wish her good luck, the studio camera recording the actual episode can be clearly seen in the mirror as it follows her and then stops as Al wishes her good luck and success.
  • It is never stated why Peggy didn't accompany them to Hollywood, as she would have been eager to accompany her family on a trip or even why she had not returned from the supermarket in the previous episode.
  • Jeff Littlehead's line "Arigatou, gentlemen" as he walks past the Japanese business men is obviously dubbed over, as it sounds like it was recorded in a booth compared to the rest of his dialogue in the episode.

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