Kevin Patrick Curran was an American writer and producer for various shows, including Married... with Children.

Early LifeEdit

Curran attended Harvard College, where he was an editor of the Harvard Lampoon. He subsequently wrote for the National Lampoon and was the Editor of the Letters and Cartoon sections.

He got a start in television in 1984, writing for Late Night with David Letterman, for which he won three Emmys. He wrote Letterman's first "Top Ten List," "The Top 10 Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas."

In 1989, he joined Married... with Children. After his depature from the show in 1993, he went on to work for Hardball, The Good LIfe and Unhappily Ever After, a show created by MWC co-creator, Ron Leavitt, as an alternate take on Married...with Children.

In 2000, he joined The Simpsons where he started as a writer until 2009 and was then a co-executive producer. At The Simpsons, Curran has won three additional Emmys and was nominated in 2010 for a Humanitas Award for his episode "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed."

Personal LifeEdit

Curran was previously in a long-term relationship with Helen Fielding, best known as the author of the Bridget Jones books; the two have two children, Dashiell and Romy.


On October 25, 2016, Curran died in West Hollywood, California of cancer at age 59.

Role on Married... with ChildrenEdit

He worked on Married... with Children from 1989 until 1993, as a writer and producer. The episodes that he has been credited with as a writer include:

In addition, he also provided the voice of Buck Bundy from season 4's Peggy Made a Little Lamb until season 8. He also appeared as a human version of Buck in season 6's Psychic Avengers. He was later replaced by Kim Weiskopf who voiced Lucky Bundy after Buck passed away, although actor Cheech Marin also played the voice of Buck in a couple of episodes during the time Curran was still there.

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