Kyoto National Bank logo

Kyoto National Bank logo.

Kyoto National Bank is the financial institution at which Marcy D'Arcy is employed as a bank manager and is most prominently show in the tenth season on on Married... with Children, in the Season 10 episode "Turning Japanese". Up until the episode in Season 2, "If I Were a Rich Man", Marcy had been employed at the The Leading Bank of Chicago, where she and then husband Steve Rhoades had both been working, before she accepted a position at at Kyoto National, as Steve got promoted into her old job.

About the bankEdit

Kyoto National is based out of Kyoto, Japan, and is owned by Mr. Shimokawa, played by comedian/actor Pat Morita, who makes a guest appearance in the Season 10 episode "Turning Japanese". When Mr. Shimokawa visits town, Marcy, with the hopes of landing a promotion to bank manager at the Chicago branch where she works, gets invited with husband Jefferson by Mr. Shimokowa for a traditional Japanese dinner. Mr. Shimokawa seems bored with the D'Arcys until he hears the backfire of Al's Dodge coming from outside. It turns out he is a huge fan of American cars and needs Al's car to complete his collection.

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