Wikia MWC - Lakeside Mall

The Lakeside Mall rep getting grief from Santa Al

The Lakeside Mall was a rival mall to the New Market Mall, where Al's job at Gary's Shoes is located. The mall had done so well, and taken so much business away from Al's mall, that he wasn't able to obtain a Christmas bonus to buy gifts for his family. Furthering the insult, Al's family shopped there, with Peggy going as far as to buy shoes there, with the explanation that the Lakeside Mall was closer, and better than Al's mall. At Christmas time, the Lakeside mall made a large promotional deal about there being a Santa Claus visiting the mall, along with several reindeer for children to see. Santa was due to parachute out of an airplane into the mall parking lot, and instead was blown off course, and crash landed in the backyard of the Bundys, dying on impact. Al later found the sack of coupons to the Lakeside Mall, and took his family shopping for Christmas. (MWC: "You Better Watch Out")
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