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NOW Comics was a comic book publisher founded in late 1985 by Tony C. Caputo as a sole-proprietorship. As a result of licensing arrangements with such companies as Columbia (Sony) Pictures and ELP Communications[1] they published two series volumes and several special issues of Married... with Children comics between the summer of 1990 and 1994[2].

Series 1 (1990/91)[3][4][]

No Cover[3] Title Author Illustrator Release Date
"The All American Family or Just Act Natural" Katherine Llewellyn Dave Schwartz, David Mowry and John Stangeland June 1990
How does Al and his gang fare when they're chosen to film "The All American Family" documentary?
"Viva Las Bundys" Katherine Llewellyn Dave Schwartz & David Mowry July 1990
The Bundy family wins a trip to Las Vegas. Will they come out as winners?
"Schaumburg Valley P.T.A." Katherine Llewellyn Dave Schwartz & David Mowry August 1990
Featuring all the characters you know and love -- Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Bud Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Snake Face, Greg Miller, Dean Keller and Suzy!
"Big Man Bundy!" Katherine Llewellyn Mark Braun & Brian Thomas September 1990
Featuring Al Bundy (also as Bone-Breaker Bundy), Peggy Bundy, Bud Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Steve Rhoades, Marcy Rhoades, Mad Dog Murphy and Gizzy!
"Shoe Zombies" Katherine Llewellyn Dave Schwartz, Patrick Williams and David Mowry October 1990
Featuring Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Bud Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Steve Rhoades, Jake, Chuck and Matt!
"TV or Not TV" Katherine Llewellyn Tom Richmond, Joseph Allen and David Mowry November 1990
Featuring Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Bud Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Buck (their dog), Al Bundy, Jr. (in a dream), Steve Rhoades and Marcy Rhoades (in a dream).
"The Nanny Scam, Inc." Katherine Llewellyn Tom Richmond & David Mowry February 1991
Shocking as it may seem, Peggy starts to work as a nanny. Difficulties ensue. Featuring Al Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Bud Bundy, Kelly Bundy, Marcy Rhoades, Mrs. Snoddy, Joe, Jamie, Joshua, Jimmy, Julie and Mrs. Beastie!

Series 2 (1991/92)[]

No Cover[4] Title Author Illustrator Release Date
"The Love Line" Katherine Llewellyn & Marc Hansen Tom Richmond, David Mowry and John Stangeland September 1991
Peggy gets a job as an advice columnist!
"Sweet Revenge" Diane Piron Tom Richmond October 1991
The Bundys enter the fascinating world of inventions as they create a gizmo that can indicate what is the filling in all chocolate covered candy!
"Psychodad" Marc Hansen Tom Richmond November 1991
It's psychodad! Al Bundy snaps when Bud takes his job as a shoe salesman away from him!
"Bahama Mama" Marc Hansen Tom Richmond December 1991
It's the Bahamas for Peg and Kelly! Meanwhile, Bud and Al are stuck at home with the mother-in-law from hell!
"Feet Feats" Ty Addams Tom Richmond January 1992
Al Bundy has decided to be a crusader of justice. His secret weapon is the most powerful defense ever devised: his smelly feet!
"Hog Heaven!" Ty Addams Tom Richmond March 1992
Al Bundy joins The Fraternal Order of the Mighty Warthog!
"Attack of the Job Huntress!" Ty Addams Tom Richmond April 1992
Believe it or not, Kelly is ready to get a job. Bud acts as her agent as Kelly tries to break into stardom as a video jockey! Bundy madness at its best!


Release Date[2] Cover[4] Title Author Illustrator
July 1992
"1st Collectors' Special" Ty Addams Tom Richmond
"Dating Ruckus" - A special focusing on the dysfunctional family of the hit sitcom. Buds plan for revenge against his money-grubbing family backfires; Bud and Kelly find two kinds of trouble when they start dating rich kids.
June 1993
"3-D Special" Katherine Llewellyn Tom Richmond, plus 3-D effects by Bob Staake and Apartment 3-D
"The Nanny Scam, Inc." - A special 3-D issue of the comics version of the hit sitcom. Needing money for new furniture, Peggy agrees to become a babysitter, but her charges turn out to be completely spoiled brats. Includes 3-D glasses.
September 1993
"Off Broadway" Geoff White Eddie Pittman
"On with the Shoe!" - Another one-shot special based on the hit sitcom. Kelly plots revenge on the girl who stole her coveted part in the school play. But Bud is infatuated with the girl and working on the stage crew, complicating her plans.
February 1994
"Annual 1994" Todd S. Tuttle, Joan Weis, Tom Richmond and Eddie Pittman Tom Richmond
Flip-book with two stories. Peg Bundy in "Passion and Lust... or Death-Spa from Hell" by Todd S. Tuttle, Joan Weis, & Tom Richmond. Al Bundy in "Double-Oh Bundy" by Todd S. Tuttle, Joan Weis, & Eddie Pittman.
June 1994
"Buck's Tale" Geoff White Eddie Pittman
A one-shot special featuring the dog from the hit sitcom. The story of how Buck joined the Bundy family is finally revealed as a riches-to-rags tale. Beginning life as a pampered poodle pup right out of Lady and the Tramp, he falls on hard times; just when it seems things cant get any worse, he meets the Bundys.
July 1994
"Bud Bundy, Fanboy in Paradise" Todd S. Tuttle & Geoff White Tom Richmond
A one-shot special featuring the kid from the hit sitcom. Bud Bundy takes his comics creation to the comic con, finding only humiliation, outrageous prices and clueless fanboys. Featuring a plethora of send-ups of famous comics publishers and artists of the 1990s.
December 1994
"From Baltic to Boardwalk" Geoff White Tom Richmond
The ultimate dysfunctional family may be changed forever after Al Bundy wins the lottery. Intended as a 3-issue mini-series, but this was the final issue of NOW's MWC comics; the company went into bankruptcy.

Kelly Bundy (1992)[]

A miniseries focusing on Kelly Bundy, the sexy but stupid daughter from the hit sitcom.

No Cover Title Author Illustrator Release Date
"Beauty and the Beach" James Bradshaw Tom Richmond August 1992
Kelly heads to the seashore, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts and bad jokes.
"One Flew Over The Bundys' Nest" James Bradshaw Tom Richmond September 1992
The Bundy family is agog when Kelly takes over the kitchen and actually makes dinner, but theres more involved than they realize.
"Happy Birthday and Get Out!" Barry Daniel Petersen Mark Braun October 1992
Al has the perfect birthday present for Kelly: independence, whether she wants it or not.

Flashback (1993)[]

Main article: Flashback

The secret past of the feuding family from the hit sitcom.

No Cover Title


Illustrator Release Date
"First Date" Ty Addams Tom Richmond January 1993
In high school, Al Bundy takes the lovely Peg out on a date, and the rest is history.
"For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll" Frank Cisternino Tom Richmond February 1993
Al agrees to marry Peg, but by the time he realizes what he's in for, its too late.
"Father Knows Worst" Ty Addams Tom Richmond March 1993
Al thinks hes seen the worst after he marries Peg, but then he discovers the second half of the Married with Children title.

2099 (1993)[]

A sci-fi spin-off of the hit sitcom inspired by Marvels 2099 titles.

No Cover Title


Illustrator Release Date
"Recognizing Authority" James Caputo Barb Kaalberg and Tom Richmond June 1993
Al Bundy dozes off during a sci-fi movie and dreams that hes living in the future, but still with a depressing job and annoying family.
"Rebellion on Moonbase Three" James Caputo Tom Richmond July 1993
Bud makes lewd remarks to his principal, a Princess Leia-lookalike, and as a result the entire family is sentenced to life in exile on the dark side of the moon.
"Demanding Your Civil Rights" James Caputo Tom Richmond August 1993
Just when all seems lost, the family is rescued by a bevy of familiar-looking sci-fi characters.

Quantum Quartet (1993/94)[]

A superhero spoof of Marvels Fantastic Four inspired by the hit sitcom.

No Cover Title


Illustrator Release Date
"Lo, There Shall Come the Bundys!" Geoff White & Todd S. Tuttle Tom Richmond October 1993
The ultimate super-powered dysfunctional family battles each other more than the bad guys. Includes yet another spoof of Jack Kirbys Fantastic Four #1 cover, plus an interview with Mr. T!
"When Strikes the Disco King" Geoff White & Todd S. Tuttle Tom Richmond November 1993
The QQ faces off against the Disco King, a foe who just cant accept that the 70s are dead.
#3 & #4
"The Big Wrap-Up" Geoff White & Todd S. Tuttle Tom Richmond November 1994
The QQ faces the most disgusting foe of all, the gaseous Belchaar. A flip-book featuring the final two stories of the intended four-issue miniseries. Et tu, Belchaar?; The Shape of Thingies to Come.

Kelly Goes to Kollege (1994)[]

Kelly Bundy, the sexy but stupid daughter from the hit sitcom, actually gets into college.

No Cover Title


Illustrator Release Date
"A Mind Is a Terrible Thing" Joe Colombero & Joe Locicero Tom Richmond, plus a pinup by Mitch O'Connell August 1994
After falling for a hot nerd, Kelly decides to follow him to college; to everyone's surprise, she actually gets in.
"K=MC2 (Kelly = Massive Catastrophe Squared)" Joe Colombero & Joe Locicero Chuck Frazier September 1994
Fortune smiles on Kelly when a testing error results in her getting into Notre Dame, but the university isn't ready for the ultimate sorority girl.
"Never Let 'Em See You Study" Joe Colombero & Joe Locicero Chuck Frazier October 1994
Having wreaked havoc in the world of college, Kelly moves on to the job market.

International releases[]


Twelve of the original comics published by NOW Comics were translated to German and published by Bastei Lübbe in Germany in 1993. According to the covers they cost DM 5,- at the time and were also sold in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain (because those countries' prices are featured on each cover, too)[5][6].

Not pictured: #11 Schuh Zombies (Shoe Zombies) & #12 O Graus - ein Fernsehteam im Haus (The All American Family)


In Sweden five of the original comics were translated to Swedish and published between 1992 and 1993. Originally there were supposed to be ten issues a year, however, in the fourth issue of 1992 it was announced that there were only going to be six issues per year. Since it was never announced that the fifth issue would be ultimately be the last, it most likely got a very unexpected cancellation.[7]


In the Netherlands eight of the original comics were translated to Dutch and published as double issues between 1991 and 1993. The first issue was published in 1991, the second in 1992, both by Junior Press, and the other two in 1993 by De Vrijbuiter. However, since the last two were published by a different publisher, they are also labeled as issue 1 and 2. The comic strips are not colored in.[8]