Louise is one of Peggy's friends from the neighborhood.


When Louise and the other neighborhood girls Fanny, Sheila, and Marcy meet at Peggy's house to eat cake, she exclaims that she can not believe Al and Steve were staring at that poor repair girl. Fanny interjects that men like them are the reason she does not wear shorts anymore to which Louise gives her a side-eye. When Sheila asks why Al has to be there after he makes a sneer comment, Peggy explains that they had sex that day and Louise and Fanny nod knowingly. After Steve tries to apologize to Marcy and she rejects him, Sheila suggests going out for the night to which Louise adds "some place fun" so Peggy proposes going to Troy's and the girls agree enthusiastically.

At Troy's the girls sit at their usual table and order their usual strawberry fanny banger drinks as they watch the Construction Worker exotic dancer with wide eyes and scream when he rips off his shirt. As Peggy gets on stage with the dancer, Louise and the other girls (except Marcy) dance along at their table and cheer her on. When Peggy sits back down and the construction worker takes off his pants, placing them on Marcy's head, Louise and the other girls try to grab it.

A few weeks later, Louise, Fanny, Sheila and Fern meet at Peggy's house again while their husbands, including Louise's husband Dennis, are out bowling with Al. When they all sit down, Louise points out that Peggy gets to sleep with Al once a month and asks her what her secret is. Peggy explains her trick but when Marcy comes over to borrow a cigarette a few minutes later to make her look trashy for her role play with Steve, Louise skeptically asks "with your husband?". Marcy answers yes and tells them that she has sex every 36 hours to which all the girls frantically grab cigarettes and make their way to the bowling alley to claim back their husbands, starting a riot.

About two years later, Louise and Fern come over to Peggy's house to play poker. As Peggy lets them in, Louise asks is she saw the new checker at the mini-mart to which Fern adds that he could work his way through her college. They laugh and Peggy invites them to sit down for the game. They count their money and start playing but Kelly wins every hand so Louise loses her grocery money, as well as Fern does, which they remark as they leave when the game is over.