Louise Rooney appears in three episodes of Married... with Children. The part of Louise Rooney is played by actress Alix Elias.


Louise, Bob Rooney's wife, who apparently likes to overeat,  always wonders, like the other wives of Al and Jefferson's buddies, why Bob doesn't want to have sex with her!  She has been shown eating voraciously in Peggy's presence in her kitchen, explaining how she doesn't understand why men lose interest in their wives, as it is best alluded to in the Season 9 episode "The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked", where Louise, along with Peg, Marcy and the other wives, accompany their husbands to The Jiggly Room, in wondering why the guys spend so much time at the nudie bar! In discussing the subject of their husbands spending all of their free time at The Jiggly Room instead of with them beforehand,  the wives meet at the Bundy home, Louise, who's snacking away on a quart of ice cream, poses only one question: "Do I have to stop eating??"

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