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Lucifer is a character who appears in the Season 11 episode of Married... with Children, "Damn Bundys".

Lucifer is portrayed by Robert Englund.


Lucifer shows up to the Bundy household after Al remarks that he would sell his soul to play for the Chicago Bears while watching the NFL Draft. Lucifer disguises himself as a TV repairman, but freezes time and reveals his true identity and that he has overheard Al's desire to sell his soul. Without hesitation, Al sells his soul in order to play for the Chicago Bears and take them to the Superbowl. Al is then drafted by the Bears and becomes one of the best rookies in the league, earning the nickname Al "Shoehorn" Bundy.

Once the Bears make it to the Superbowl, Lucifer remarks that the deal is done as Al was supposed to take the Bears to the Superbowl, NOT play in the bowl himself. Al refuses to quit, forcing Lucifer to revoke Al's Hell-given powers. After his athletic powers are taken away, Al is left struggling to breathe, see, and hear as he tries to join the group huddle. Al is then killed by two players that tackle him on the opposing team and taken to Hell. Lucifer struggles to torture Al as he enjoys Weenie Tots, an eternity confined to the bathroom and never seeing his family again.

To torture Al, he kills off his family and the D'Arcys, sending them all to Hell for eternity. 300 years later, Peggy has hooves, Bud has crab claws, Kelly is a gargoyle and Marcy and Jefferson are stuck in a loop where they cannot leave the Bundy house until Al repeats the same exact chicken insult that he has for the last 300 years. Finally having enough, Al challenges Lucifer to a football game to be sent back to Earth.

Lucifer assembles a much stronger football team, consisting of brutal murderers, while Al's team consist of his family and the D'Arcys. As expected, Lucifer's team consistently stop the Bundys and D'Arcys from making touchdowns. Just as Al goes to catch the game-winning ball when Jefferson throws a Hail Mary, Lucifer freezes time and gives Al two options: Catch the ball and send everyone back to Earth as part of the deal or drop the ball and only Al will be sent back to Earth along with three Hell babes holding big sacks of cash. After some hesitation, Al eventually chooses to catch the game-winning ball and is sent back to Earth with his family and the D'Arcys.

Al eventually wakes up in the Bundy kitchen atop of the dinner table that he broke earlier. The rest of the gang tell Al to hurry up and join them to watch the NFL Draft on the television.

The episode is left open ended as to whether Al had a dream while unconscious or he was really in Hell as Al pulls out the box of Real Hots that Lucifer had given him earlier while in Hell.