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Marcy Vosburgh-Myers (born Marcy Vosburgh December 6, 1951-died June 3, 2016) was a TV writer and producer who got her start on The Jeffersons, and worked on It's Your Move and Cagney and Lacey before joining MWC in its first season. She and her frequent collaborator Sandy Sprung were producers of the show from early in the second season to the end of the fourth. They moved on to continue working together on Unhappily Ever After.  

Marcy produced a total of 64 episodes of the MWC, and she also wrote or co-wrote fourteen episodes.

As an actress, Marcy appeared in a bit role in the 1977 made-for-TV film Something for Joey, where she played a TV news reporter. She also made appearances in the 1982 blockbuster Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan and also had a recurring role as Glynnis Kidwell in the PBS minseries Romance Theatre.


She and her husband Tom retired to St. Petersburg,FL in 2009, where she died in 2016.

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