Married for Life was a British adaptation of the American sitcom Married... with Children and ran for 7 episodes on the British TV channel ITV in 1996. The series was a literal translation of the original series, only with British actors. It was directed by Terry Kinane. All dialogues, gags, and episode titles were taken from the original scripts, except for the names which were changed to British ones. Al Bundy became Ted Butler, Peggy was named Pam, the children's names were Lee and Nikki instead of Bud and Kelly, and the dog, originally Buck, was named Clive.

The series was very unsuccessful and received widely negative reviews, which led to its cancellation after only seven episodes.

Characters Edit

Married for life cast

Actor Role Original
Russ Abbot Ted Butler Al Bundy
Susan Kyd Pam Butler Peggy Bundy
Lucy Blakely Nikki Butler Kelly Bundy
Peter England Lee Butler Bud Bundy
Julie Dawn Cole Judy Hollingsworth Marcy Rhoades
Hugh Bonneville Steve Hollingsworth Steve Rhoades

Episodes Edit

No Title Adapted from: Air date
1 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" "For Whom the Bell Tolls" March 5, 1996
2 "If I Were a Rich Man" "If I Were a Rich Man" March 12, 1996
3 "Sixteen Years and What Do You Get?" "Sixteen Years and What Do You Get?" March 19, 1996
4 "Where's the Boss?" "Where's the Boss?" March 26, 1996
5 "Whose Room Is It Anyway?" "Whose Room Is It Anyway?" April 2, 1996
6 "My Mum, the Mum" "My Mom, the Mom" April 9, 1996
7 "Eatin' Out" "Eatin' Out" April 15, 1993

Trivia Edit

  • The entire set is turned around, with the kitchen on the right and the door on the left and even Pam/Peggy's side of the bed is on the right.
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