In his television career Michael Moye (born August 11, 1954) has written for shows such as The Jeffersons, Diff'rent Strokes, Good Times, and 227 and also produced It's Your Move and The Jeffersons. His best known work is likely with Married with Children, created alongside Ron Leavitt for the fledgling FOX TV network.

The co-creator and early writer of MWC with Ron Leavitt, Michael essentially left television altogether when he left the series in 1992.

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Michael G. Moye (right) in the Bundy wake

Early careerEdit

Moye began his career in 1977 with a staff writing position on Good Times. Between 1979 and 1984 he wrote for The Jeffersons, and in 1982 he co-developed Silver Spoons, which ran for five seasons. He also co-developed both It's Your Move and 227, the latter under an assumed name.[1]

Married... with ChildrenEdit

Married... with Children, created by Michael and Ron Leavitt in 1987 for the FOX network, was called an "anti-family" series,[2] but immediately became a hit, running for eleven seasons and being credited with keeping the fledgling Fox network "in the black for five or six years."[3] Moye was a producer and a writer on the show for most of its run, and had a hand in writing a series-leading 25 episodes[4] as well as having a few cameo appearances on screen.[5]

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Personal LifeEdit

Moye retired from television altogether in 1995 and is now a photographer as well as an avid coral reef aquarium hobbyist.


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