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Mr. Shimokawa is Marcy's boss, and the owner and president of Kyoto National Bank. He appears in the Season 10 episode of Married... with Children titled "Turning Japanese". The part of Mr. Shimokawa is played in the episode by Pat Morita.

About Shimokawa[]

Shimokawa is a short, Japanese man in his early 60s and typically shown wearing a business suit. Although he is from Japan, he becomes annoyed with the D'Arcys attempt to show him hospitality, as they are either ignorant about Japanese culture (beliving the Karma Sutra and The Joy Luck Club were Japanese) or using common stereotypes (believing that all Japanese people love sushi, tea, and karaoke and introducing the "Bundys" as a well-to-do Japanese family with prodigy kids) instead of letting him experience American culture. He is shown to be a collector of American junk cars and requests that Marcy negociate with Al if she wants to become Vice President of the company.


Mr. Shimokawa is first introduced while having dinner at the D'Arcy Residence after Marcy sent the Bundys away for the night (as she bribed them to stay out of the neighborhood by giving them money for an all-you-can eat clam buffet at the Hobo Motor Lodge). The D'Arcys, who are dressed in kimonos and decorated the living room with Japanese art, serve him sushi and tea. Shimokawa gets bored as he thinks, "How original! Serving sushi to a Japanese man in America. It's like Gilligan getting off the island and being offered a coconut!" Jefferson tries to impress Mr. Shimokawa by saying how much he loves the art and culture of Japan, before mistakenly beliving that the Karma Sutra and The Joy Luck Club were from Japan. He then thinks to himself, "In my country, this man [Jefferson] would be filling water glasses at Denny's".

Already bored out of his mind with the D'Arcys, and starving, as the doorbell rings, he thinks again to himself "Please let it be Domino's. I'd kill for a pizza!". Marcy is suprised to see her neighbors, the "Bundys", a well-to-do Japanese family, have stopped by. After bowing to each of them, she has them line up and introduces them: Al, an Accura car salesman, Peggy, a housewife, Bud a child prodigy who has just returned home from medical school and Kelly, another child prodigy who is a violin master. Mr. Shimokawa scarcastially thinks to himself "This isn't too patronizing" as "Al" thanks Marcy for getting him a low interest home loan and calls her the "Japanese Businessman's Best Friend!"

After the "Bundys" leave, Mr. Shimokawa tells Marcy that it is getting late and he needs to go home (and to the liquor store), but Marcy insists that he stay a little longer. Hoping that the D'Arcys will hang themselves in front of him, he is even more disppointed when Jefferson pops up and says they are doing karaoke, with Mr. Shimokawa wanting to hang himself instead. He is forced to sit through the D'arcys' rendition of "Fame"

When the Bundy's car is heard entering the driveway, Shimokawa is suddnely perked up, even more when he sees the car. He then reveals to Jefferson that he collects "American Junk Cars", with Al's 1971 Dodge being the only car missing from his collection (he already has a Gremlin, a Pacer, and an old school bus). As he views these cars as pieces of art, he tells Marcy that he must have that car and has her see if she can negociate a deal. His smile is short lived though as Marcy promises to talk to the owner while leaving him in the care Jefferson. He is not too enthralled with Jefferson's vain attempt to impress by singing the Pointer Sisters hit song, "I'm So Excited" on a karaoke machine!

Despite trying to negociate with Al, he refuses, telling her his Dodge "was born a Bundy, by God, it will die a Bundy!". Back at the D'Arcy's, after hearing Jefferson sing "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?", Shimokawa thinks to himself "More than life itself!", as he picks up a small knife and slowly gets up in order to stab Jefferson. Just then, Marcy arrives, but tells him that Al was too stubborn and wanted too much money for a piece of junk. She then offers to take Mr. Shimokawa to a better dealership, but he insists that he must get the Dodge, due to how rare they are, noting that "half of them were recalled and the other half disolved in the rain". He then gives her the ultimatium, that she gets him Al's Dodge or he will get a new vice president. Though the mmod is ruined once again, as Jefferson begins to sing "I Think I Love You", causing both Marcy and Mr. Shimokawa to sit on the couch and hang their heads in disappointment.

Sometime later, Marcy is forced to bite her tongue and go against her feminist ideas by negociating with Al at The Jiggly Room. Despite pointing that he would be getting a lot of money from the deal and that he can treat himself and his family, Al refuses Marcy's offer, pointing out that, like a favorite pair of jeans or shoes, he has spent so many years molding every nook and cranny of the Dodge to fit him and that he doesn't have the time or energy to break in a new car.

Marcy eventually gives up negociations, seeing that Al is just stubborn and a pig. After pulling Jeffeson out of the dance line, Mr. Shimokawa arrives at The Jiggly Room, as he seems to have the same tastes as Al, Jefferson, and their buddies, wanting to see, as he says, "some Jiggly"! He then asks how the negociations are going, but Marcy points out that Al is just too stubborn and won't sell. Mr. Shimokawa then points out "How can I trust you to negociate banking deals, when you can't even buy a rusting hulk from a rusting shoe salesman!".

After begging for more time, she continues offering Al money, eventually reaching $10,000. Al then states that the sentimental value of the car is $20,000, which she finds ridiculous, but eventually she informs him that Mr. Shimokawa will agree to it. Just as she and Al shake hands to finalize the offer, he throw in one more condition before sellign the car. Al then joins Mr. Shimokawa at his table to congraduate him on buying the Dodge and he tells Al that he told Marcy "Every man has his price!" and Al agrees while noting, "just like every woman has hers!" as he starts to put on sunglasses.

Marcy suddenly appears on stage, in a seductive corset and pantyhose, a condition which was part of the deal with Al agreeing to sell the Dodge, and starts to awkwardly dance. Shimokawa gets up and sings "I'm So Excited" as he runs to the stage. She congratulates him on getting the car and he assures her that the job as Vice President is hers. Though, it turns out that it was not due to her negotiation skills, but for, as he gleefully says, "You know how to shake it, baby!", which offends Marcy, as she punches him out into the seating area, causing a fight.

Sometime later, as the Bundys eat clams from HoBos at home, the television news program stated that Shimokawa was arrested for inciting a riot at the nudie bar.


  • Shimokawa's last name in Japanese, (下川) translates to "Lower reaches of the river"