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My Mom, the Mom is the twelfth episode of Season 3 of the FOX sitcom Married... with Children, as well as the 47th overall episode in the series. Written by Lesa Kite, Cindy Begel and Jan Rosenbloom, the episode was directed by Gerry Cohen and premiered on FOX on February 26, 1989.


Peg resorts to acting like a true mom when Kelly picks her to appear at Mother-Daughter Career Day at school. Meanwhile, Al teaches Bud the value of a dollar by putting him to work at the shoe store.


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Kelly: You know mom, when I grow up, I wanna be just like you. I wanna do nothing. I wanna be nothing.

Marcy: A lot of times, kids don't come right out and ask what they really want. I know, when I was a young girl I wanted a horse. So I started talking about stirrups. My mother took me to the gynecologist. So, now, whenever I see a western, I have this urge to scootch to the end of the table.



  • The title refers to Kelly being proud of Peggy for inspiring other students at Mother-Daughter Career Day.


  • Julie Condra, who plays Becky in this episode, would later reappear on MWC in the season 8 episode, Valentine's Day Massacre as Crystal Brooks.
  • Teri Weigel, who plays Jade in this episode, was the Playboy centerfold for April, 1986.
  • This episode is the third appearance of Jade, the sexy woman who visits Al at the shoe store, as she previously appeared in "The Great Escape" and "Father Lode".
  • Al reveals that he works on commission, stating that on a $20 sale, his commission is $1.97 and then after taxes, social security and Peggy, he earns a whole nickel for himself.
  • Peggy's couch, table and remote control are in the classroom, though it is never explained how they were able to move it there and back to the Bundy household.
  • As Peggy and Kelly both reveal, neither of them know their natural hair color.

Cultural References[]

  • When Steve arrives to talk about the window that Bud broke, he sarcastially remakrs about interrupting the Bundy's "Encyclopedia Britanica Night", referring to the then-published encyclopedia books.
  • Kelly mentions that in Kindergarden, Peggy packed her a lunch consisting of a $1 bill and a map to fast food chain, Burger King.




  • Bundy Living Room/Kitchen
  • High School Classroom
  • Shoe Store Seating Area


  • When Bud is at the shoe store with Al, right after Bud says something about the woman with chicken wings, you see the flash from a camera.
  • This episode takes place in the winter and there is tons of snow on the ground, yet Jade, the woman in the shoe store comes in dressed like it's summer.
  • Who helped Peggy and Kelly bring the couch, coffee table and other items to the school and then back home? Al was at work with Bud and you would need a truck to move the couch and table, which Al doesn't have. Plus, there is no way Peggy and Kelly carried the couch all the way to school and home in the snow no less.
  • It seems kind of odd for Bud to keep losing his jackets during the winter, which is the time you really need one, especially in Chicago.

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