Nesuim Plus (נשואים פלוס) (Married Plus) was an Israeli adaptation of the American sitcom Married... with Children and ran for 50 episodes on the Israeli TV channel Mako TV from 2012 - 2017. The series was a literal translation of the original series, only with Israeli actors. All dialogues and gags were taken from the original translated scripts, except for the names which were changed to Hebrew ones. Al Bundy became Shuki Avrahami (שוקי אברהמי), Peggy was named Mali (מלי), and the children's names were Osher (אושר) and Meital (מיטל) instead of Bud and Kelly.

The first season, which consisted of 18 episodes, was broadcast between May and August of 2012. Though it received negative reviews, the series returned for a second season on February 22, 2015, with 32 episodes. Due to several breaks in broadcast times throughout the season, the last episode did not air until April 25, 2017. The second season also received negative reviews.[1]

The series theme song was "Ahava Pshuta" by Kol Hakavot.

Synopsis Edit

Israeli adaptation of the legendary series "Married With Children", the satirical comedy that conquered the audience and became one of the most successful series in history. In Israel, the Bundy family became the Avrahami family - a moderately-inferior, dysfunctional family that lives in a gray neighborhood in the Krayot. They are poor, bitter, socially challenged and do not recognize the term "politically correct."

Characters Edit

Nesuim Plus
Actor Role Original
Lior Ashkenazi (ליאור אשכנזי) Shuki Avrahami (שוקי אברהמי) Al Bundy
Dorit Bar-Or (דורית בר-אור) Mali Avrahami (מלי אברהמי) Peggy Bundy
Noa Wolman (נועה וולמן) Meital Avrahami (מיטל אברהמי) Kelly Bundy
Alon Sandler (אלון סנדלר) Osher Avrahami (אושר אברהמי) Bud Bundy
Tamar Keynan (ותמר קינן) Efrat Kalderon (אפרת קלדרון) Marcy Rhoades
Shlomi Koriat (שלומי קוריאט) Eran Kalderon (ערן קלדרון) Steve Rhoades

Episodes[2] Edit

Season 1 Edit

No Title Adapted from:
1 Episode 1 "Here's Lookin' at You, Kid"
2 Episode 2 "Sixteen Years and What Do You Get"
3 Episode 3 "Have You Driven a Ford Lately?"
4 "דוגי סטייל" (Doggy Style) "Buck Can Do It"
5 "מלאכית בשמי הקריות" (Angel in the skies of the Krayot) "Earth Angel"
6 "משבר אימון" (Crisis training) "Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics"
7 "דם, יזע ולחוח" (Blood, sweat, and tenderness) "I'm Going to Sweatland"
8 "נפגש בחוף" (We meet at the beach) "Life's a Beach"
9 "כסף קטלני" (Deadly money) "Father Lode"
10 "פה קבור הכלב" (The root of the problem) "But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy"
11 "שערה בכוס תה" (Her hair in a cup of tea) "The Bald and the Beautiful"
12 "פרצוף פוקר" (Poker face) "The Poker Game"
13 "מי הבוס?" (Who is the boss?) "Where's the Boss?"
14 "אברהמי ושאר ירקות" (Avrahami and other vegetables) "Thinnergy"
15 "תכנית חיסכון" (Savings plan)
16 "תשע עד חמש" (Nine to five) "Peggy Sue Got Work"
17 "שוקי נגד העולם" (Shuki against the world) "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
18 "תופסת עכברים" (Catching mice) "Build a Better Mousetrap"

Season 2 Edit

No Title Adapted from:
1 "החושף מחשפן חשוף - חלק א'" (Exposing Exposed Exposed - Part 1) "Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Part 1)"
2 "החושף מחשפן חשוף - חלק ב'" (Exposing Exposed Exposed - Part 2) "Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Part 2)"
3 "פגוש את השכנים" (Meet the neighbors) "Pilot"
4 "אמא מחליפה" (Mother changes) "Married... without Children"
5 "רווק ליום אחד" (Single for one day) "Al Loses His Cherry"
6 "גבר החלומות" (The Dream Man) "Nightmare on Al's Street"
7 "אבא גנוב" (Father is stolen) "If I Were a Rich Man"
8 "שעיר לעזאזל" (Scapegoat) "The Razor's Edge"
9 "מפסידים משבת לשבת" (We lose from Shabbat to Shabbat) "How Do You Spell Revenge?"
10 "השקלים של שקל" (The shekel is shekel) "Master the Possibilities"
11 "לילה מטורף בקניון" (A crazy night at the mall) "The Great Escape"
12 "ערן עומד על שלו" (Eran insists) "Impo-Dent"
13 "ביקור הגברת השמנה" (The fat lady's visit) "All in the Family"
14 "הספרנית שתקעה אותי" (The librarian who stuck me) "He Thought He Could"
15 "אסלה מבית אבא" (A toilet from my father's house) "A Dump of My Own"
16 "בעל תומך" (Support owner) "Her Cups Runneth Over"
17 "מותו של ספר" (The death of a barber) "Requiem for a Dead Barber"
18 "יום הורים" (Parents Day) "My Mom, the Mom"
19 "נרקוד, נשכח" (We'll dance, we'll forget) "Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me"
20 "עבודה בעיניים" (Fraud) "A Three Job, No Income Family"
21 "משפחת i-ברהמי" (The i-Brahmi family) "The Computer Show"
22 "הקלטת הלוהטת" (The hot tape) "I'll See You in Court"
23 "מי מפחד מרופא שיניים?" (Who is afraid of a dentist?) "Tooth or Consequences"
24 "לקצץ את החוב" (Cut your debt) "A Taxing Problem"
25 "ניגוב אחרון" (Last Wiping) "Johnny Be Gone"
26 "רישיון להמר" (License to bet) "Born to Walk"
27 "יריבות מתגלגלת" (Rivalry rivalry) "Alley of the Dolls"
28 "טיסה לא נעימה" (An unpleasant flight) "The Gypsy Cried"
29 "שולחן לארבעה" (Table for four) "Eatin' Out"
30 "מלכת השכבה - חלק א'" (Queen of the Class - Part 1) "Married... with Prom Queen"
31 "מלכת השכבה - חלק ב'" (Queen of the Class - Part 2) "Married...With Prom Queen: The Sequel"
32 "כוכבית נעל" (Asterisk Lock) "976-SHOE"

References Edit

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  2. Nesuim Plus on MakoTV
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