Roy and Norris

New Market Mallers Barney and Norris in the Season 4 episode "How Do You Spell Revenge?"

First appearing in ""How Do You Spell Revenge?"", the New Market Mallers was Al's softball team, with whom Al was MVP three times. The entire Bundy family played for the team, as a way to get some sun and exercise, though for Al and Bud, its to avoid spending Sundays with grandma Wanker. He had joined the team on May 6, 1982, when they were 0-10 and helped them win, calling it the "Bundy Era" and he was the MVP, for things such as catching the ball when Norris froze in place or when he tackled one of the toughest pitchers, Mrs. Shephouse, effectively ending her softball career. Though as Smith points out, even with their wins, the teams has never made it to the championship game.

Later, in season 5's "The Unnatural", the team continued to lose and wanted to replace Al feeling he was too old, injury proned and just wasn't playing too well. So, after some convincing, he is replaced by Sven Hunkstrom. Al's replacement however gets knocked out in the final stretch of the game, by an overenthusiastic Marcy. After some convincing,  Al goes back in and ignores the first two pitches, then points out of the field (parodying Babe Ruth) and hits a homerun. Then Al makes a speech parodying Lou Gherig.

Its worth noting that in "How Do You Spell Revenge", Peggy is blamed by Al and Bud for costing them all the games, while in "The Unnatural" episode, Al is blamed by Peg, Bud, Kelly and the entire team for not playing well, but are still able to make it to the championship game.

Also in the "How Do You Spell Revenge" episode, it's revealed that the Mallers are 0-9 by the end of the episode, and is in danger of getting kicked out of their softball league, while in the "The Unnatural" episode, they are still able to enter the championships.

The New Market Mallers are sponsered by the New Market Mall where Al works, and is part of the twenty-store and under Mall League.

Team Members:Edit

Al  Bundy - 14
New market mallers 2

The Bundy family in the second version of the New Market Mallers uniform

Peggy Bundy - 11

Kelly Bundy - 10

Bud Bundy - 00

Smith - 5

Norris - 2

Gonzalez - 3

Sven Hunkstrom - 32

Savage - 22

Nelson - 18

Barney Nessen - 12

Teams Played againstEdit


  • Bob's Cheese Factory - Win
    New Market Mallers

    Barney Nessen, Gonzalez, Norris, Savage, and Sven Hunkstrom


  • Shephouse Knitters - Win


  • Kiss Me Cosmetics Company - Lose
  • Shakey Acres Retirement Home - Lose
  • Christian T-Shirt Shop - Lose (knocking them out of the league)


  • Unnamed team - Win


  • Unnamed team - Lose
  • Irv's Smelters  - Win (earning them their first ever championship win)