Norman Jablonsky was the husband of Peg Jablonsky and father to Bud and Kelly Jablonsky in an alternate timeline, where Al Bundy had never been born. Norman was able to provide for his family and despised seeing them live in the house they currently resided in (which was the normal Bundy House), and therefore bought them a mansion as a Christmas present. Like the others, Peg, Bud and Kelly, Norman did not think to much of a "grown man" selling shoes.


Peg JablonskyEdit

Peg, having never met Al, who, in the "guardian angel" sequence, had never been born, instead, married Norman Jablonsky and had two children with him, Bud and Kelly. The two were still in love years later, with the pair often kissing and telling each other that they love the other. Norman calls her "dear heart" when the family greets each other after he gets home from work.

Kelly JablonskyEdit

Her father appears to have been supportive and affectionate to her as Al failed to be to the 'mainstream' Kelly, leading to her becoming academically successful. She followed her mother's example in saving herself for marriage.

Bud JablonskyEdit

From his male role model, this Bud learned to respect and care for women, soundly thrashing two "bullies who were making lewd and suggestive remarks to some female school chums". Like his sister, Bud is a success out in the world, but based on his brains and personality, not the sex appeal which, apparently, he is careful not to abuse.


Norman Jablonsky was portrayed by Ted McGinley, who would go on to be a series regular as Jefferson D'Arcy.

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