Norris is one of Al's drinking buddies, as he is also a blue collar worker. He is usually seen with Al and some other guys drinking beer, commenting on the various topics that Al and the other guys are talking about.


He works in construction, as he is typically dressed in construction work clothing and mentioned having to wear a hard hat at his job.

He first appears in But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy as a member of the Neighborhood Watch, who tells Al that they had to hold the meeting at the Bundy residence since none of their wives would let Al into their house, indicating he lives in the same neighborhood as Al.

It appears that he also lives with his mother, but considers himself lucky for that, since she won't nag at him, cooks him food and rubs his feet after work.

This, along with that fact that he's not the smartest guy in the room, sometimes makes him the butt of jokes. An example would be in Earth Angel, when Al asks his friends to pay $5 to watch Tiffany do aerobics while they pretend to do yardwork, Norris was the only one would was apparently happy to pay to actually do yardwork, while the others didn't do anything except stare at her.

Norris in "Requiem For a Dead Barber"

He also plays for the New Market Mallers, with his jersey number listed as 2.

He also enjoys making fart noises, going so far as being able to play them to the tune of The Blue Danube in The Poker Game and asking people to pull his finger in If Al Had a Hammer.


Frank Lloyd made eight other appearances on MWC as a variety of minor and background characters.


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