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Peg's Mom was the wife of Ephraim Wanker, and mother of Peggy Bundy, and was known for her gigantic size.


Peg's Mom was voiced by actress Kathleen Freeman, making her an unseen character. A running gag throughout the series, and in particular season 10 of Married with Children, was that she was enormously overweight. An exact figure was never given (to allow for comic gags), but it is suggested to be beyond 1,000 pounds. However, in the season 6 episode "The Gas Station Show" Peggy tells Al that her mother has weighed 374 lbs since High School and now weighs 380.

Peg's Mom, much like her father, was originally to be portrayed by female impersonator and drag queen Divine during the second season, but plans were changed when the actor suddenly died before production began on the episode which he was scheduled to appear in; the producers left the character out, and only mentioned in jokes about her enormous girth and appetite until Kathleen Freeman was selected to provide her voice during the seventh season.