Peter Steinfeld is an American actor and fitness expert. He is the brother of actor/fitness expert Jake Steinfeld (of the "Body By Jake" fitness line) and father of actress/singer Hailee Steinfeld.

He has appeared on Married...with Children three different times as different characters.

Appearances on MWC Edit

In season 3's Life's a Beach, he plays the lifeguard who returns the steering wheel of the Rhoades' Mercedes-Benz (named "Klaus") to Steve and Marcy.

In season 6's Kelly Does Hollywood Part II, he plays Rock Turboman, an actor who is concerned about his new show "Young Ben Franklin" being cancelled and asks Jeff Littlehead if it would be OK to buy a house.

In season 8's Nooner or Later, he plays Pete, a man waiting in line at Gary's Shoes for the Burned Beyond Recognition concert. He gets upset when Kelly and Bud cut in front of him, after Al lost their spot. After insulting Kelly and becoming more agitated, Kelly suggests that he take his issue up with Bud instead and then proceeds to throw him across the store.

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