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Playboy is an American men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine. It is primarily known for featuring female models, referred to "Playmates", in nude or semi nude pictorials, as well as interviews with notable figures such as John Wayne and illustrations. It has also published various special editions of its magazine and videos featuring its Playmates.

As of March 2020, the company has ceased publishing physical copies of its magazine and currently publishes its content in digital format.

On Married... with Children, its magazines were mentioned and seen in several episodes during the first six season of the show. In addition, many Playmates guest starred throughout the majority of the show's run.

On MWC[]

In the early season of the show, Al is shown to have a collection of Playboy magazines and Bud could be seen sneaking a few of them out from the basement. At the age of 12, Al started collected the magazines, as Al's father collected Playboy magazines as well and that the two of them would bond over looking at the centerfolds while Al's mom was drunk on Singapore Slings. After his father passed away, Al inherited his entire collection.

In the season 2 episode, "Impo-Dent" during Al's speech to Marcy about why men would even need women, he mentions the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner and refers to him as "The world renowned social scientist".

In the season 4 episode, "Desperately Seeking Miss October", the episode revolves around Al and Steve meeting Brandi Brandt Playmate of the Month October 1987 and looking for the issue she appeared in. Al talks about his Playboy collection and later, Marcy shows part of Brandi's centerfold when she tells Al and Peggy about what she did to Steve after finding her centerfold posted on the headboard of their bed.

In the season episode, "And Baby Makes Money", Peggy tells Marcy that Al is out buying issues of Playboy, Penthouse and Biker Babes to get him in the mood for sex.

In the season 5 episode, "Married... with Who?", Al tells Peggy about Captain Hank, the sea captain who is going to officiate Marcy and Jefferson's marriage and says that "You give him a bottle of Red Eye and a Playboy, and he'll marry your mother to a cow!"

In the season 5 episode, "Look Who's Barking" Buck begins to wonder if Bud was "done sifting through his Playboy collection" so he could finally feed him.

In the season 5 episode, "Route 666" Bud is caught sneaking up some of Al's Playboy magazines from the basement. When Bud lifts up his shirt and hands over the Playboys to Peg, the issues he hands her appear to be from February 1989, January 1991 and February 1991.

In the season 6 episode, "Hi I.Q.", it is revealed that both Al and Bud are subscribers to Playboy magazine and received the latest issue as Kelly sorts out the mail for the family.

In the season 7 episode, "The Chicago Wine Party", after thinking he's been called a virgin by the poll worker, Bud says "Are you kidding? Why does everyone look at me and just assume I'm a virgin? 'Cause I'm not! Could a virgin tell you the name and the last book read by every Playboy centerfold in the last ten years?!"

In the season 7 episode, "Christmas", during Al's flashback to 1974, an infant Bud gleefully tells Peggy for Christmas that he wants "Playboys! Hooters!" and she then wipes his mouth. Later in the present day, Peggy asks the family what they want for Christmas and the now adult Bud gleefully says again "Playboys! Hooters!" before Peggy wipes his mouth again.

In the season 8 episode, "Luck of the Bundys", after Al comments on Peggy buying a dress because of her horoscope and that he doesn't believe in them, she quips "And yet you believe in a 19 year old in 'Playboy' pouring honey on her tush is really interested in saving the environment".

In the season 8 episode, "The Legend of Ironhead Haynes", Bud throws a paper plane into a NO MA'AM meeting , claiming it is Miss January to distract them while he goes to the hidden refrigerator. Al then picks it up and opens it up for the guys to see, revealing a sexy blonde woman. The image is the actual centerfold for Playmate of the Month for March 1994, Neriah Davis. The image was edited with a fake bikini covering the nude bits from the original version.

In the season 9 episode, "No Pot to Pease In", Al orders the "Playmate of the Month" figure set from the Shop-At-Home Network.

Though after season 6, the magazine itself was rarely mentioned or seen again. Instead, Big 'Uns served as the adult reading material of choice for Al, Bud and the other males on the show.

Despite this, many Playmates continued to appear on the show into the later seasons of the show.