The Poppy's Killer was a character who appeared in the episodes of Married... with Children titled Poppy's by the Tree, Part I and Poppy's by the Tree, Part II. The part of Poppy's Killer is played in the episodes by character actor Vic Polizos.

About Poppy's KillerEdit

Once every five years,someone at the Poppy's by the Tree Inn, in Dumpwater, Florida, kills obnoxious tourists. The killer killed 11 people prior to the Bundys' arrival. Al manages to save them from 

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Poppy's killer attempts to attack his next victims -- the Bundys in "Poppy's by the Tree, Part II" in Season 1 of MWC.

the first attack, and saved a kidnapped Peg from the second. The killer turns out to be the son of the former owner of the Inn. His father supposedly went insane tending to obnoxious tourists staying at the Inn. The police do not arrest him however, because he is a town celebrity (he, at some point, met Andy Griffith), and the local tourism trade couldn't take the double hit of losing both the killer and the man who met Andy Griffith. The town's people are angry at Al for hitting him. The Bundys leave and never return.