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The Poppy's Killer was a character who appeared in the episodes of Married... with Children titled "Poppy's by the Tree (Part 1)" and "Poppy's by the Tree (Part 2)" .

The part of Poppy's Killer is played in the episodes by character actor Vic Polizos.

About Poppy's Killer[]

He appears to be a heavyset man in his 40s. He was the son of the previous motel owners and appears to be co-dependent on people, as both of his parents died when he was in his 20s and never taught him to cook or live on his own.

Once every five years, he kills at least one obnoxious tourist staying at Poppy's by the Tree in Dumpwater, Florida. His reason for killing tourist is revenge, in that their demands eventually drove his father to have a heart attack and then his mother to commit suicide. The killer had previously killed 11 people prior to the Bundys arrival.

Besides being the killer, he is also a local celebrity, being refered to as "The Man Who Met Andy Griffith" (an actor and comedian who was known for his starring role on Matlock and The Andy Griffith Show) and appears as a guest speaker at the local high school.


As the local townpeople hang out at Poppy's by the Tree, they begin to wonder who will be the next to die. The Bundys then arrive, causing the townspeople to nod in agreement that they found the next victims. Roy, the front desk clerk begins to take bets on when the Bundys will die. Despite the kids not enjoying the small town at first, the entire family eventually learn to enjoy the bonding that they are able to do. But just as Al and Peggy are about to go to sleep, the killer tries to kill them by shoving a blade straight through their bed.

The family runs down the stairs to the front desk / diner and call out for help, but no one is there and then find out that their car tires were slashed and the phone line is down, due to a tropical storm. Eventually, the town sheriff comes out from his napping corner and asks what all the noise is. Despite the family explaining that they almost died, the sheriff nonchanately tells them that tourist killings are a common occurance at the motel, since it happens every 5 years. He then tells the Bundys that as the bridge is washed out, the killer is stll likely on the property. The sheriff is confident that he has the killer trapped, but then chooses to go back to his slepping quarters in the motel and tells the Bundy to holler if they see the killer again.

The family choose to stay downstairs in the diner with Al promising to keep watch over them and use a plastic fork to defend them. Despite his claim, he eventually falls alseep next to them, with the rest of the townspeople looking at them the following morning. Roy and Beanie particularly seem to be concerned about Kelly, beliving that she is an albino. After waking Al up, they inform him that the sheriff said their rooms appear to be ok. As they run back up and start checking things out so can quickly pack up, Al finds a mystery man hiding in his closet, leading to a foot pursuit. After Al catches the man, beliving he is the killer, the sheriff points out that Al actually caught Delbert, who is his deputy and a cleptomaniac. The sheriff makes Delbert apologize for stealing Al's camera and the assures Al that Delbert is not the killer, since he was on patrol with him that night.

Al eventually gets back upstairs and meets the kids so they can quickly leave, but then realize that Peggy is missing. As it turned out, the killer was able to kidnap Peggy and kept her hostage in Room 25, where he was living at. He tells her that he hates all tourist, not just her and that he is driven by revenge. He explains to her that his father was the previous owner of Poppy's by the Tree. despite his mother not wanting him to buy it in the first place. His dad was constantably bombared with complaints from rude guests about the towels, temperature, food or just saying that they should have gone to Hawaii (like Bud and Kelly insisted earlier). Then, he reveals that his father collapesed and died from a heart attack after a fat woman demanded a burger in the middle in the night, which drove his mother to commit suicide shortly after in the same room he and Peggy were in. He laments that their deaths left him all alone in the world, as a young boy at the age of 20, since they spent their lives taking care of others and now, no one to take care of him.

Sensing an opportunity to save herself, she get him to take off the mouth gag and tries to convince him that she could take care of him, despite him pointing out how tourist can't even take care of themselves. She forces herself to lie and claim that she loves doing housework, like dusting, vaccuming and laundry, but when she finally says that she enjoys cooking, she eventually breaks down into tears and reveals that she's housewife and can't do any of those things. She then tries to sympathize with him, suggesting that the next time he feels the urge to kill, he should eat Bonbons and watch The Phil Donahue Show, but he tells her that he hates that show, which causes her to say that he is a lost cause.

Poppy's killer attempts to attack his next victims -- the Bundys in "Poppy's by the Tree, Part 2" in Season 2 of MWC.

As Al is heard walking down the hallway and calling out to her, the killer tells Peggy to call to Al while he hides beind the door in order to quickly kill Al. Although she refuses to do so, he tells that if she doesn't, she can die first. Al eventually makes it into the room and tries to untie her until the killer sneaks up and narrowly misses Al with his axe. After a long struggle and nearly taking a fatal blow to the head, Al eventually gets the upper hand by ramming his head into the killer's abdomen as he gets up from the floor, followed by a hook punch to the face, knocking the killer out.

The townspeople eventually arrive to see the commotion. As Roy wonders out loud who the killer is, the sheriff rolls the killer over and the townspeople are shocked, not because he is the actual killer; rather they are upset that Al knocked out the town icon, known as "The Man who Met Andy Griffith".

As Roy, Elmo and Delbert pick the killer up and make sure that he is ok, Roy informs Al that Dumpwater is only known for two things: the killer and "The Man who Met Andy Griffith". Delbert then says that they could stand to lose one of the two, but not both. The sheriff informs the Bundys that they better leave town quickly, just before Gloria, the young girl who was interest in Bud, suggest they hang the Bundys instead for hurting their town icon.

As the Bundys are about to leave the room, Roy asks the killer if he will still be able to talk at the high school about meeting Andy Griffith. He tells Roy and the others that he is not so sure now, since Al punched him pretty hard, causing the townspeople to look at the Bundys with hatred and contempt, forcing them to quickly flee back home to Chicago,