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Psycho Dad is a fictitious character and television show on PBS that Al Bundy and the members of "NO MA'AM" (except for Griff) idolize. The show was later brought to Fox as The New Adventures of Psycho Dad (Kelly Knows Something).


Andrew Prine plays the actor (playing Psycho Dad) who is not named on MWC. The actor describes the show as "a simple saga of a guy run amok in the Old West". Psycho Dad appears to have a son whom he cares about.

As there is no footage of the actual show, it can be inferred from the show's lyrics and what Al has said about the character that he:

  • Is tall, has an icy stare and is insane.
  • Killed the pig that his son raised and wanted to keep as a pet
  • Has killed (or has attempted to kill) multiple ex-wives for various reasons:
    • Killed one of his wives because she weighed a ton
    • Killed another wife because she had a cold
    • Killed one of his wives and a schoolmarm simultaneously, after finding out that they were teaching his son how to do housework and he had only one cartridge left in his rifle.
    • Attempted to kill one of his wives, but she managed to duck after he tried to shoot her at a theatre. The bullet then hit U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.
  • Has the scalp of one of his ex-wives
  • Kidnapped a circuit judge to prevent a wedding from happening.
  • Has the heads of eight reindeer on his cabin wall
  • Fights bums on Christmas.
  • Massacred a village filled with unarmed Native American women and children.
  • In the The New Adventures of Psycho Dad, it is stated that it has "less violence but more kinky sex and nudity for a cleaner and saner America".
  • He wore the same suit for several years.
  • Each episode runs about an hour long and on average has about 84 killings per episode.
    • It is unclear how many episodes of Psycho Dad were produced, but the title Dad is likely responsible for about 8,000 killings through the life of the series.
    • A good educated guess puts the total number of episodes at around 100.
    • The only show that can possibly compare to Psycho Dad is the FOX TV Series Twenty-Four. Through the life of that series (216 episodes), there were a total of 16.380 deaths and a whopping 76 deaths per episode. However, the numbers are incredibly skewed due to a nuclear explosion in Day 3 (season 3.)

The show was abruptly cancelled after complaints from women's group due to its high content of violence. (I Want My Psycho Dad (Part 1)) "NO MA'AM" went to Washington D.C. to have Psycho Dad put back on the air but were unsuccessful. (I Want My Psycho Dad: Second Blood (Part 2))

There is also a spin-off series that Peg likes, called Psycho Mom. (Teacher Pets)


Now Comics[]

In the third issue of the short lived Married with Children comicbook series (1991), titled Psychodad, Al is seen watching an episode of Psycho Dad (before himself going crazy). In the comic, Psycho Dad is depicted as a middle aged balding man with crazed red eyes, a menacing grin, yellowing teeth and is either drooling or foaming at the mouth. In the short scene we see, he shoots his two children, (a son and daughter who appear to be between 5 to 7 years old), because one of them was about to hide his gun before asking for a raise in his allowance. Feeling no remorse or guilt, Psycho Dad immediately resorts to adoption.

Later, after Al goes crazy and walks to the basement to get his gun, he sings a varation of the Psycho Dad theme to himself that claims Psycho Dad escaped from an asylum, did time in the pen, and kills for fun. In a style similar to Jacob Marley, the ghost of Psycho Dad haunts Al and reminds him that due to his countless repeated crimes, he got the electric chair in the final episode, and that Al will have to endure that same fate if he kills his family. He then tells Al that instead of killing his family, he needs to man up and find a way to get even.