Richard Johnson was a thief (played by Randall "Tex" Cobb) who broke into the Bundy residence, searching for valuables to steal, but was unsuccessful after being caught by Al Bundy and punched out. After being arrested and later released on bail, he sued Al Bundy for $50,000 and won, only to be later sued by Al who had hurt himself punching Richard out for a second time.


Richard Johnson had broken into the Bundy residence shortly after Al Bundy had fallen asleep, and attempted to search for valuables, only finding a plastic clown, a vase (considered to be in poor taste) and an issue of Big 'Uns, which Al had apparently decorated for the holidays. Richard had also attempted to steal Al's watch, but put it back onto Al's wrist when he discovered it did not work. Discovering the Bundy's television, Richard attempted to steal it when he bumped into Al, waking him up. Mistaking him for Peggy, Al began to rub Richards rear end, which he took offense to and alerted Al to what he was doing. Al confronted Richard, punching him out and having him arrested for breaking into the Bundy residence. (MWC: "Un-Alful Entry")

Richard would later get out of jail on bail, and attempt to sue Al for $50,000, claiming physical and emotional trauma for Al's alleged assault. Richard initially won the trial, having been portrayed in a sympathetic light by his lawyer and Al and Kelly's incompetence and an apparently bias against Al by the judge presiding the trial. Upon delivery of the verdict, however, Al decided he'd willingly double the cash amount and once again punch out Richard in a room full of witnesses. However, Al later sued Richard due to the fact he hurt his hand punching him, and a month later won the second trial, causing Richard to receive nothing. (MWC: "Un-Alful Entry")

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