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Roy is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of MWC titled "The Unnatural". The part of Roy is played by veteran stage/TV actor Reid Shelton.


He is an older man in his 60s who primarily works as a restaurant owner whose business is located in the New Market Mall. He is also the manager of the mall's softball team, the New Market Mallers.


He, along with the rest of the team, stop by the Bundy Residence following another loss. Seeing how badly Al performed, while also pointing out that they are playing in the championship game next week, Roy tries to convince the other Bundys to replace Al at the championship. Peggy and the kids take offense to Roy's remark about "dump[ing] the old dog", with Bud pointing out how much softball means to Al. Peggy quickly calms Bud down and points out that regardless of how the other feel, the team cannot play with one man short.

Roy happily points out that they did in fact find a replacement, a muscular athlete named Sven Hunkstrom. Peggy is left smitten by Sven while Roy mentions all of Sven's attributes that would help the team out. When Roy calls out a vote to bench Al, only Bud and Kelly are left to oppose the vote. He then notes that according to team rules, the vote must be unanimous if they want to remove Al, but Bud and Kelly stand firm and refuse to vote Al out (mostly due to fear that Al would retaliate and beat them up if they also turned on him).

After Al comes down to greet the team, Roy informs Al that Sven is going to be his replacement because he stinks at softball. Despite Al reminding the team of how he lead them to victory in the past, the rest of the guys think he is just terrible in the present time and already have a 7-2 vote to bench him. Roy then tries to convince the kids to change their vote so they can experience what it is like to win the first championship for the team, but Kelly holds steadfast and doesn't want to hurt her daddy. He then bribes the Bundy children with a free meal each at his restaurant, since the team vote to change a player must be unanimous. But seeing what is going on, Al takes the kids and sings them a song. Al's plan eventually backfires and he is forced to watch the game from the dugout.

After Sven is accidentally knocked out by Marcy and leaving the team one man short, Roy asked Peggy to convince Al to bat for the team once more. Roy is last seen celebrating with the team as Al ensures the team's victory with a homerun.