Russ is one of Al's friends and drinking buddies from the early seasons of Married... with Children who in two early episodes; "The Poker Game" in Season 1 (episode #8) and "Requiem for a Dead Barber" in Season 3 (episode #8).

Russ is played by former SNL actor Garrett Morris.

About Russ Edit

Russ appears to be a single, middle aged man with his own apartment and is probably a blue collar worker like Al and his friends. When Peg describes Al's poker friends to Marcy, she refers to him as "The Invincible" as "he hasn't met a toilet yet that he couldn't overflow"

In "The Poker Game" in Season 1, Russ hosts the poker game in his apartment with Al, [[Steve, Barney, Norris and EJ. During the guys discussion about the perfect woman, he admits that he wouldn't want Sigourney Weaver's butt, as a "Monster touched that". Afterward, he brings up that after all the perfect body parts, she still needs a brain, which all the guys unanimously shout out "Vanna White". Later, when Steve talks to Al about noticing how the guys bluff, he points out that Russ "whenever he has a bad hand, he shuffles his hole card, as if its going to change"

Russ 2

Admiring his new hair style in "Requiem for a Dead Barber"

In Season 3's "Requiem for a Dead Barber", he admires his new hairstyle along with Norris, Louie and Barney, who all got similar styles at a beauty salon. He tells Barney to watch where he's smoking as it would ruin his new hair. When Al joins them and asks where should they go for the night, Russ suggests the pool hall, but Barney opposes it, saying the severity of the neon would ruin his highlights. After hearing Louie's suggestion to watch a ballet, Al tells the rest of the guys that Louie is too far gone now and that Russ is starting to slip as well. He then says that the rest of them are going to the nearest fire hydrant, "...turn that sucker on, we stick our heads in the hole and wash the gay away!" and then find a real barber.

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