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Episodes aired:
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September 23, 1990 - May 19, 1991
FOX-TV / United States
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In the middle of the fifth season, Marcy awakes next to Jefferson D'Arcy and discovers that she is now married to him. This is the first appearance of Al's favorite show (Psycho Dad), and the first mention of his four touchdowns in a single game.


Season 5 (1990-1991)[]

No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
81 1 "We'll Follow the Sun" Gerry Cohen Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye September 23, 1990 5.02
Al takes the Bundys on a Labor Day drive, which comes to an immediate end when they get stuck in traffic. 
82 2 "Al... with Kelly" Gerry Cohen Stacie Lipp & Gabrielle Topping[3] September 30, 1990 5.01
Al and Kelly fake getting sick in order to get out of having to visit Peg's mother. With Peg gone, Al begins to fantasize about two blonde women who fight over him (one of them played by Pamela Anderson) — but things get sticky when Kelly really does come down with a cold and needs her father to care for her. 
83 3 "Sue Casa, His Casa" Gerry Cohen Kevin Curran October 7, 1990 5.03
After Al refuses to get insurance for his car, Bud and Kelly get in an accident with a man in a Mercedes. The Mercedes owner sues them for a million dollars and they counter sues them for a jillion dollars using fake injuries and Marcy's testimony. 
84 4 "The Unnatural" Gerry Cohen Katherine Green October 14, 1990 5.04
Al is replaced by a more professional softball player during the championship games. When the new player is injured, Al takes over. 
85 5 "The Dance Show" Gerry Cohen Arthur Silver October 21, 1990 5.05
Peg meets a handsome man at a dance club, while Al meets the handsome man's husband (played by Simpsons voice actor Dan Castellaneta). Unknowing that the handsome man is homosexual, Peg flirts with him. His husband cooks a nice meal for Al. 
86 6 "Kelly Bounces Back" Gerry Cohen Al Aidekman October 28, 1990 5.06
Kelly auditions as spokesmodel for the new Allanté with the "Bundy Bounce," but her idea is stolen by one of her rivals (Tia Carrere). Meanwhile, Peg refuses to do housework until Al realizes that he needs her. 
87 7 "Married... with Aliens" Gerry Cohen Ellen L. Fogle November 4, 1990 5.07
After a severe head injury, Al begins to see aliens who steal his socks, which they need to fuel their ships to stop a cosmic disaster. Al's unwitting help saves many worlds from destruction... including Earth. 
88 8 "Wabbit Season" Gerry Cohen Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye November 11, 1990 5.08
After suffering a nervous breakdown at work, Al gets into gardening to relieve his stress, but must deal with a rabbit stealing his carrots. 
89 9 "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" Gerry Cohen Kevin Curran November 18, 1990 5.09
Al becomes obsessed with his appearance after the neighborhood women begin admiring his handyman skills. 
90 10 "One Down, Two to Go" Gerry Cohen Ralph R. Farquhar November 25, 1990 5.10
Kelly moves out after Al kicks out one of her boyfriends. 
91 11 "And Baby Makes Money" Gerry Cohen Art Everett December 16, 1990 5.11
Following the death and funeral of Al's uncle, Stymie Bundy, Al and Peg begin having sex so they can be the first to inherit Stymie's $500,000 inheritence by bearing a Bundy child born in wedlock. But Peg has other plans. 
92 12 "Married... with Who" Gerry Cohen Ellen L. Fogle January 6, 1991 5.12
After a wild night at a banker convention, Marcy wakes up and discovers that she's married to a strange man named Jefferson D'Arcy (Ted McGinley) with a dark past. Al offers to arrange another marriage for them. 
93 13 "The Godfather" Gerry Cohen Ralph R. Farquhar February 3, 1991 5.14
Al discovers that Kelly is dating an older man, but when the older man turns out to be connected to the local government, Al takes advantage of the situation by being the neighborhood Godfather. 
94 14 "Look Who's Barking" Gerry Cohen Katherine Green February 10, 1991 5.13
Buck the dog (voiced by Cheech Marin in this episode) runs away and takes home a white female dog who plots to replace him as the family pet. Meanwhile, Al searches for his favorite cheesecake chef. B.B. King makes a cameo appearance as a street musician. 
95 15 "A Man's Castle" Gerry Cohen Stacie Lipp February 17, 1991 5.15
Peg spends the food money on tuition to an interior decorating class, where one of her projects is to beautify Al's personal bathroom. Al later gets revenge against Peg in his own way. 
96 16 "All Night Security Dude" Gerry Cohen Glen Eichler & Peter Gaffney February 24, 1991 5.16
Al gets a night job as a school security guard, but gets fired when the beloved football trophy gets stolen while Al was in the bathroom. Then it's up to Al to get the trophy back from former high school football rival "Sparetire" Dixon (guest star Bubba Smith
97 17 "Oldies But Young 'Uns" Gerry Cohen Bill Prady March 17, 1991 5.18
Al becomes obsessed with trying to remember the name of a song he hears on the radio. Meanwhile, Kelly dates Vinnie (guest star Matt LeBlanc), who turns out to be the not-so-bright son of Al's old high school friend, Charlie (guest star Joseph Bologna). 
98 18 "Weenie Tot Lovers & Other Strangers" Gerry Cohen Kevin Curran March 24, 1991 5.17
Kelly competes for the chance to be a spokesmodel for Al's favorite food company, Weenie Tots. Bud is depressed that he could not go to meet the president because Al gives his last $100 to Kelly for her new dress. 
99 19 "Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?" Linda Day Ellen L. Fogle April 7, 1991 5.21
While Marcy, Jefferson, Al, and Peg have a movie night at the D'Arcy house, Kelly is tricked by Bud to babysit a group of rowdy kids while Bud goes to a concert. 
100 20 "Top of the Heap" Gerry Cohen Ron Leavitt & Arthur Silver April 7, 1991 5.25

In this special 100th episode (which only features Al Bundy in a small cameo), Al's divorced and unemployed friend Charlie Verducci (Joseph Bologna) and his dim-witted teenage son Vinnie (Matt LeBlanc), try to fit in with snobs at a high-class party where Charlie hopes that Vinnie will meet and marry a debutaune.

This is the pilot episode for the spin-off series Top of the Heap

101 21 "You Better Shop Around (Part 1)" Linda Day J.D. Brangato & Michael Ferris April 14, 1991 5.19
Part one of two. During a heatwave, Al buys an air conditioner that saps the town's power. With the neighbors angry, the Bundys move to the local grocery store, where they become winners of a shopping spree. Model Bobbie Brown guest stars as a stereotypical dumb blonde supermarket patron, named "Nibbles" according to the credits. 
102 22 "You Better Shop Around (Part 2)" Linda Day Stacie Lipp April 21, 1991 5.20
Conclusion. Al and Peg compete against Marcy and Jefferson in a supermarket shopping spree, while Bud and Kelly harass Jerry Mathers of Leave It to Beaver fame. 
103 23 "Route 666 (Part 1)" Gerry Cohen Katherine Green April 28, 1991 5.22
Part one of two. While on a road trip to Los Angeles, the Bundys' car breaks down in a backwards, New Mexico town, where an old prospector (John Byner) gives Al a map to a gold mine. 
104 24 "Route 666 (Part 2)" Gerry Cohen Ralph R. Farquhar May 5, 1991 5.23
Conclusion. After roping in Marcy and Jefferson, the Bundys go on an expedition to dig for gold, but their greed and insanity slowly begin to tear them apart... and then they find out that the gold mine is actually a local tourist attraction loaded with fool's gold
105 25 "Buck the Stud" Gerry Cohen Chip Johannessen & John Rinker May 19, 1991 5.24
Al trains Buck the dog to mate with a neighbor's female dog for $10,000. Meanwhile, Bud begins to dress up in foppish clothes to attract women. 
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