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September 4, 1994 - May 21, 1995
FOX-TV / United States
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Season 9 rounds out the cast of Al's friends by introducing Griff, who works at Gary's Shoes with Al, and Ike. Steve Rhoades also makes his final two appearances during this season. The season also includes the cancellation of Psycho Dad, Bud getting a job as a driving examiner and the first appearances of shoe store owner Gary (who turns out to be a woman), Marcy's niece Amber and reporter Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardinal. Michael Faustino makes his fifth and final guest appearance.[1]


Season 9 (1994-1995)[]

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184 1 "Shoeway to Heaven" Gerry Cohen Nancy Steen & Carl Studebaker September 4, 1994 9.01

Peggy has moved to Wanker County after her mom suffers a heart attack. After finding a box of old shoes, Al and Jefferson turn the shoe store into a 1970s-themed retro shoe store, which is highly successful at first. Meanwhile, Kelly gets stung multiple times while filming a Verminator commercial, the effects of which acts as a truth serum, making her reveal what she really thinks about herself and her family.

Note: Katey Sagal does not appear in this episode due to childbirth. Only her voice is heard over the phone. 

185 2 "Driving Mr. Boondy" Gerry Cohen Donald Beck September 11, 1994 9.02

Bud needs $700 for a trip to Milwaukee with the Fraternity, which Al refuses. To earn it, Bud takes up a job as a driving examiner. Due to Peggy's negligence, Al's driver's license has expired and he has to take the test again—with Jefferson's help. Bud takes Al's test and gives him a hard time as a revenge for Al refusing to give him $700. Kelly is upset that she has to do a commercial in a bikini. She protests, loses her job and ends up in Marcy's bank holding up a board in bikini.

Note: Katey Sagal makes a short appearance. 

186 3 "Kelly Breaks Out" Gerry Cohen Larry Jacobson September 18, 1994 9.03

Kelly gets the part as a sexy spokeswoman for a beer commercial, but freaks out when she gets a pimple and a home-made pimple cream from Wanker makes her bald and gives her a beard. Meanwhile, Marcy protests the crew making the beer commercial for being sexist. Al and Jefferson order tapes of Avengers with Emma Peel from Home Shopping Network.

Note: Katey Sagal makes a short appearance. 

187 4 "Naughty But Niece" Gerry Cohen David Castro September 25, 1994 9.04

Bud needs some quiet time to study for a scholarship exam, so he goes to Al's shoe store and then back home. Marcy and Jefferson announce the arrival of Marcy's niece, Amber (Juliet Tablak). Bud pays off everyone to leave to study but ends up sleeping with Amber.

Note: Katey Sagal makes a short appearance. 

188 5 "Business Sucks: (Part 1)" Gerry Cohen Richard Gurman October 2, 1994 9.05
Part one of two. NO MA'AM counter-protests against Marcy and company when Al banishes a customer for nursing her baby. Peg gets stuck on a train during her journey home and finally comes home to find Al on news. Kelly becomes the wink-wink girl in a new commercial. 
189 6 "Business Still Sucks (Part 2)" Gerry Cohen Stacie Lipp October 9, 1994 9.06
Conclusion. Al is forced to give up when he realizes that law is with Marcy and the gang. To avoid further issues, Al turns the store into a men's shoe store. Gary, the owner, plans to visit the store, so he paints the men's shoes and passes it off as women's shoes. She gets an idea and turns it into a store for women's shoes, breastfeeding and nursery. 
190 7 "Dial B for Virgin" Amanda Bearse Wayne Kline October 16, 1994 9.07
Bud is put in charge of a hotline service catering to virgins who feel tempted to have sex before they're ready. He ends up at a virgin's house to talk her out of sex, gets turned on by her and sleeps with her mom. Meanwhile, Al and Peg have problems deciding what movie to rent at the video store, and Al runs into Marcy in the adult section, where she claims she intends to erase the movies she's renting and then return them. One of the movies prominently displayed near the front counter is Dutch
191 8 "Sleepless in Chicago" Katherine Green Katherine Green October 23, 1994 9.08
Kelly becomes a brunette to do a public announcement and be taken seriously. Jefferson gets a nurse Barbie doll and Al gets the first issue of 'Big Uns' at an auction. They later realize the Barbie is worth $50,000. Jefferson needs Al to lie in bed next to Marcy while Jefferson tries to take Marcy's valuable Barbie doll and sell it off. Peg is worried that Al is missing. 
192 9 "No Pot To Pease In" Gerry Cohen John Glenn Houston November 6, 1994 9.09
In this self-referential episode, Kelly pitches her family's and neighbors' quirks and vices as a new premise for a Fox sitcom. After seeing it, everyone (except Al, who is the only one who enjoys the sitcom) protests that the producers copied their lifestyles. The Bundys go to the show's studio in Los Angeles to attempt to get it off the air. 
193 10 "Dud Bowl" Gerry Cohen Kim Weiskopf November 13, 1994 9.10
When Al and the guys have a wake for a former high school football teammate, a group of guys from a rival high school challenges them to the decide the ultimate Chicago city champion. Guest appearances by Bubba Smith (Colts), Lawrence Taylor (NY Giants), and Ken Stabler (Raiders). 
194 11 "A Man For No Seasons" Amanda Bearse Kim Weiskopf November 27, 1994 9.11
When the national baseball league goes on a strike because of disagreement between players and owners, NO MA'AM organizes their own league sponsored by nudie bars. They are very successful, but finally they also go on strike. This episode is a take on the strike that ended the 1994 MLB Season very early. 
195 12 "I Want My Psycho Dad (Part 1)" Gerry Cohen Barry Gold December 11, 1994 9.13
Part one of two. Al and his NO MA'AM buddies protest their local TV station when Al's favorite TV show, Psycho Dad, gets cancelled. When no one seems to care in Chicago, they plan to go to Washington D.C. 
196 13 "I Want My Psycho Dad (Part 2)"

"Second Blood"

Gerry Cohen David Castro December 18, 1994 9.14
Conclusion. Al and NO MA'AM take their case to have Psycho Dad put back on the air to Washington, D.C. They lie to their wives, but Peg and Marcy find them. Through Jefferson's connection they address the senate, but the Psycho Dad ban is not lifted. The kids party hard back home and it makes to the national news. 
197 14 "The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked" Sam W. Orender Michael G. Moye January 8, 1995 9.12
Peggy and her friends join the men at a visit to the nudie bar to find out why the men spend so much time there. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a part in a weight loss commercial. 
198 15 "Kelly Takes a Shot" Amanda Bearse Al Aidekman January 15, 1995 9.15
Kelly gets trained in archery to land a role in a commercial. Bud helps Kelly with her work to impress Amber and get her to sleep with him again. Meanwhile, Al dresses up as an owl to scare away a real owl outside his bedroom window. 
199 16 "Get the Dodge Outta Hell" Gerry Cohen Larry Jacobson February 5, 1995 9.17
On their way to Wanker County, the Bundys stop at the car wash, where Al can't find his car and Marcy, who made Jefferson get a job there, runs into Steve again, who pretends to be a big-shot businessman but turns out to be a chauffeur instead. The Dodge is finally located and is discovered to be red after all the brown dust was washed off, and Al suddenly remembers that he did in fact buy a red and not a brown car. And inside the trunk is an issue of Big 'Uns—with an old picture of Al and his family taken outside their home that he hid inside for safekeeping (it seems that Al really does love his family after all). Michael Faustino guests. 
-- -- "Special: Best of Bundy" -- -- February 5, 1995 --
George Plimpton hosts a special 200th episode of Married... With Children featuring clips from past episodes and a look at the actual Married... With Children set. 
200 17 "25 Years and What Do You Get?" Sam W. Orender Donald Beck February 12, 1995 9.18
Buck buries the 25th wedding anniversary present that Al bought for Peggy in the backyard, and Al, Bud and Kelly spend hours digging in hopes of finding it. Marcy buys an all-day massage package for Peg as a gift and Peg spends all of Al's gift-money in the beauty shop. As both fail to get gifts, they pretend that they both forgot that its their anniversary. 
201 18 "Ship Happens (Part I)" Gerry Cohen Michele J. Wolff February 19, 1995 9.19
Part one of two. After Peggy wins a magazine contest, the Bundys and the D'Arcys go on a cruise, which turns out to be one catering to fat women by day and slim, sexy women by night. Peggy gets a bad hair-do there and stops Al from enjoying the slim, bikini-clad women. Meanwhile, Wolfman Jack (appearing as himself) stays at the Bundy house. 
202 19 "Ship Happens (Part II)" Gerry Cohen Katherine Green February 26, 1995 9.20
Conclusion. The Bundys, the D'Arcys, a fat woman, and comedian-former SNL cast member Gilbert Gottfried are lost at sea after the cruise ship sinks. Gilbert entertains them and finally Al goes for help. The rest get rescued soon and Al turns up two days later. Meanwhile, the media hounds the kids for stories. 
203 20 "Something Larry This Way Comes" Amanda Bearse Alison Taylor March 12, 1995 9.16
Al is excited when Kelly hires Larry Storch as her acting coach and they star in a play together. Al and Griff dress up as wolves and try to sell more shoes. Larry comes to the store to meet Al and gets hit by Gary, who earlier describes her tough past with Larry. Al steps in to play Larry's part in the play to help Kelly. 
204 21 "And Bingo Was Her Game-O" Gerry Cohen Laurie Lee-Goss & Garry Bowren March 26, 1995 9.21
Peggy takes Marcy along with her to a bingo competition on the bad side of town. Meanwhile, Al and his NO MA'AM buddies taste-test new beers when their old brand spokesperson turns them off. Peggy wins $10,000, but ends up spending all of it for a cab ride home. 
205 22 "User Friendly" Sam W. Orender Russell Marcus April 9, 1995 9.23
Bud experiences cyber sex with Amber at a computer lab. Meanwhile, Al discovers a mysterious light switch that seems to have no use in the house. With Jefferson and Bob Rooney, he tears down the entire house. 
206 23 "Pump Fiction" Gerry Cohen Kim Weiskopf & David Castro April 30, 1995 9.25
Al and Kelly make a short film about shoes (Sheos), and they end up getting $10,000 to produce another one (A day in the life of a Shoe Salesman). Al makes one with lots of bikini models and handsome actors, in spite of Marcy's protests. 
-- -- "Special: My Favorite Married" -- -- April 30, 1995 --
In a special episode, the cast of Married... With Children (Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, David Faustino, Christina Applegate, David Garrison, Amanda Bearse, and Ted McGinley) discuss their favorite moments from the show. 
207 24 "Radio Free Trumaine" Gerry Cohen Richard Gurman & Stacie Lipp May 7, 1995 9.26
In this spin-off pilot (which features Bud, Steve Rhoades, and Marcy), two obnoxious college radio DJs are expelled by Steve Rhoades during an interview after suggesting he got his new job through blackmail, since he had been a chauffeur only two months before (in the episode "Get the Dodge Outta Hell"). Marcy arrives at the radio station looking for April (Keri Russell), a new bank employee who is romantically entangled with both Bud and a giant Russian basketball star. She decides to protest against Steve and get him fired. 
208 25 "Shoeless Al" Amanda Bearse Ron Leavitt May 14, 1995 9.24
Al's NO MA'AM team wins the bowling game with Bud as their helper. The next night Al is robbed and left with shoes. He slaps the mall with a phony lawsuit saying that he has been traumatized and can't be around shoes anymore. To bring credibility to the lawsuit, he cannot wear shoes for a week. But with the bowling finals that week, he has to choose between the lawsuit and bowling. 
209 26 "The Undergraduate" Amanda Bearse Fran E. Kaufer May 21, 1995 9.22
Kelly gets a secret admirer who sends food, perfumes and flowers. All but Bud are excited about this. He (Robby Bennett) turns out to be a 12-year-old, who wants to take her out to Junior Prom. The boy turns up to be son of the guy who owns the jeans company for which Kelly is working. Bud sneaks in as the DJ and plays slow songs to avenge his firing, but finally saves her. 


  1. Andreas, Carl (April 10, 2001). Changes throughout the Seasons. Bundyology. Retrieved on 2007-09-09.
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