Shane Sweet (born on January 6, 1986) appeared as Seven, the child of Zemus and wife Ida Mae Wanker, the cousins of Peg Bundy who appeared in 12 episodes of the seventh season of Married with Children. Sweet is perhaps best known for his role as Josh Stevenson, Robbie's younger brother, on Nickelodeon series The Journey of Allen Strange. He also appeared in episodes of Baywatch and Star Trek: Enterprise.

In the seventh season of Married... with Children, in what appeared to be an attempt to add a fresh young face and the children were getting older, the producers hired Sweet to play the recurring character Seven. In the story, relatives come to visit the Bundys and stick them with their child, Seven, and were left with the Bundys. However it quickly became clear that the fans hated the new direction or the new character. The writers at first wrote fewer lines for him, and then wrote him out altogether. (His disappearance was never explained in the show, although the episode "Rock of Ages" hinted at an explanation. Sweet's last appearance was in the episode "Peggy and the Pirates." His image, however, appeared in two later episodes, briefly.[1])  

After Married... with Children in 1997 he went on to co-star in the Nickelodeon series The Journey of Allen Strange. He also appeared in the Nickelodeon game show Figure It Out in the second, third and fourth seasons. Shane graduated from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California in June 2004.

In the early 2000s, Shane was a member of the music group Atalanta. In 2005 Shane formed a band named The Celestial Matinee (grunge/rock/reggae). He toured with this band during 2007.

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