Shannon Tweed (born March 10, 1957) is a popular actress, former Playboy magazine centerfold, Playboy playmate, and model. One of the most successful actresses of mainstream erotica,[1] she is identified with the genre of the erotic thriller. Tweed lives with her husband Gene Simmons, co-lead singer of the band Kiss, and their two children. Tweed is also known for Gene Simmons Family Jewels, a television reality show that portrayed the life of her family from 2006 to 2012.

"MWC" AppearanceEdit

Shannon, a popular sex icon, took Al and Jefferson's spot at a fishing lodge, forcing them to sleep in the woods. When they go home, Al comes across provocative pictures of her that they, partly out of spite for her stealing their lodge spot, but mostly out of the opportunity to make some money, try to sell to tabloids. She drops by to tell Al she loves him and wants to be with him, which prompts Al to swallow the pictures. Shannon then reveals she lied to scam him to get rid of them. Jefferson has Al's stomach pumped, but they have no luck.

While playing a fictionalized version of herself here, the actress also appeared as a 'rival' of sorts in Frasier as Dr, Honey Snow.

Personal lifeEdit

Early in her life, Tweed was in a relationship with former pro football linebacker Ron Foxx, who then played for the CFL's Ottawa Rough Riders. After a brief relationship with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (which coincided with her Playmate appearances and being named 1982 Playmate of the Year), Tweed has lived with Simmons since 1983, who explained in a 2011 interview "I need Shannon in my life. Not just because of love and family but because she holds me accountable."[2] After 28 years together, the couple finally wed outdoor evening ceremony on the crystal lawn of the Beverly Hills Hotel on October 1, 2011. [3]The couple have two children, Nicholas Simmons (born January 22, 1989) and Sophie Alexandra Simmons (born July 7, 1992).

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