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Starla is a character that appeared in the Season 11 episode of Married... with Children titled "The Desperate Half-Hour (Part 1)"', the beginning of the two-part series finale. She was played in the episode by Tricia Cast.


When Starla, who is Bud's 'pen-pal' from prison, and her boyfriend Lonnie (Chip Esten) pay a visit to the Bundy household they take the family hostage. Marcy and Jefferson dress up for a cruise and visit the Bundys to rub it in. In the process of Starla, who's really escaped from prison, holding up Al for ransom, Kelly ends up falling in love with Lonnie.

When the original two, being Bud and pen pal Starla, finally meet, they are not exactly impressed with what they see as Bud had written to her describing himself as looking like "Brad Pitt" and she to him as "Cindy Crawford". Starla isn't enamored with the Bundy home either, as Bud had lied to her about the family residence as she says to him "You told me you lived in a French provincial estate...My cell is nicer than this dump!" In his new found passion for Kelly, Lonnie manages to wrestle the gun from Starla, as it goes off and hits Al... or, more correctly his shoehorn, which a fat woman had broken when he was at work hours earlier, and which was, luckily for him, in his shirt pocket!

When the police arrive to arrest Starla and Lonnie, who saved Kelly from being shot, A still interested Bud asks Starla as she is being taken away, "Can we still be pen pals?", to which she responds, "Oh, what the hell...Write to me in care of The Hole!"

Although she doesn't make an appearance, she is mentioned by name in the following episode, "How to Marry a Moron (Part 2)", as Bud writes a letter to her and asks if it is true that they throw women into the hole naked.



Escaped from prison Starla, holding the Bundys hostage.

Starla holding a terrified Al for ransom, for an easy getaway.