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Sticky is a friend of Al Bundy and fellow member of NO MA'AM who appeared in two episodes of Married... with Children during Season 10.

He is played by actor, Benjamin Lum.


He appears to a short, overweight Asian male in his 40s with a thin mustache and is partially balding, though he wears a baseball cap during part of his appearance. He implied that he is in the United States illegally.

Although there is at least one other Asian male in NO MA'AM that is seen in the background in "Reverend Al", Sticky appears to be the only Asian male in the group with a speaking role and that also hangs out with the core members.


He first appeared in "Reverend Al", as one of the members sitting in at the NO MA'AM meeting. He is the first to point that the can of beer that Bob Rooney passed out is not their normal brand, Girlie Girl Beer. He also has to hold Bob Rooney back after he and Griff get into a spat about how can a nudist priest be so rich and later joins the men when they chase Ike for bringing a good can of beer after they had to drink garbage. Later in the episode, he serves at the organ play at the Church of NO MA'AM playing an instrumental version of "It's a Man's Man's Man's World".

In "Flight of the Bumblebee" he joins the group again to watch wrestling at the Bundy Residence. He and the other members arrive at the front door with items from the Just Store singing the opening line to "It's a Man's Man's Man's World". He shows the group that he has the bag of "Just Jerky". Unfortunately, their night is ruined by their wives, as they insist on using the living room TV to watch a CBS movie called Old Man, Older Woman. They are then forced to break into Bud Bundy's basement room, ruining his chance at sex with a girl named "Nasty Natalie". Sticky asks Al if he is related to the wrestler, King Kong Bundy, but reveals that he isn't. After Sticky and the others admit how much they worship King Kong Bundy, Al declares him to be an unofficial members of NO MA'AM, much to the chagrin of Bud, who has been trying for the last 6 months to join. Al then offers Bud a chance to make him a member if he can get a picture with their idol.

On Halloween night, he joins the group once again to watch Wrestle Palooza at the Bundy residence, as Al believes that Peggy and the other wives are busy that night. He informs the group that the only snacks left for them were the pretzel that Bob Rooney sucked the salt off of (which Ike was eating from) leading to a brawl. They resort to stealing candy from a group of young girls who stopped by hoping for candy from the Bundys. Upon entering, the wives are there once again, trying to watch a re-airing of Old Man, Older Woman. Marcy tries to convince Al and the guys that wrestling is just low brow entertainment and how women enjoy more sophisticated content, but starts changing her attitude when Al grabs the remote and changes the channel to wrestling. As Bud is forced to wrestle King Kong Bundy, the women become more excited turned on. The married men worry, leaving just Griff and Sticky to look into the camera, say "Uh-oh!" and run out of the house, while Al and the others suffer through sex with their wives and Bud taking a brutal beating from the famed wrestler.